Is the metaverse here? The theme is a debate at Campus Party 2022, in Brasília | Federal District

NFT – “non fungible token” in English, or token non-fungible, is a type of digital authenticity seal, used for videos, photos, gifs, codes, audios. Fungible, is something that can be replaced by another, of the same species, since the “non-fungible” is unique. NFT is a digital seal associated with devices that guarantee its authenticity..

Also a part of the world, Web 3.0, which many consider “the big change in the internet”, which will allow translators to translate more information. In it, it would not be necessary to use large hard disks or hard disks to store data. Everything will be in the so-called “cloud” and, in addition to speeding up, the “new internet” can be updated..

The metaverse is one of the topics discussed at the Campus Party Brasília 2022, which ends this Sunday (27). To understand a little more about the world, the g1 ua talks to the founder of the game company Cubic and speaks at the Campus Party, Liziane Quadros (check below):

NFT: 5 key principles regarding the use of technology that make digital information 'native'

NFT: 5 key principles regarding the use of technology that make digital information ‘native’

g 1 DF: ua. After all, what is a metaverse?

Liziane Quadros: I say it looks like a real-life mirror used in a digital space. It is you who live in the environment and receive a virtual reality (VR) lens and, through a system, software or game, can “go” to another location and thus interact with another person from another place, without leaving you. start environment.

g 1 DF: ua. Is the metaverse the link between virtual reality and virtual reality? What is the difference between the two?

Liziane Quadros: augmented reality search to include digital devices in the world we live in, brings an idea. A good example is just imagining you are in a park and in fact, in some cases, giving the flavor of another place to you. Digital is the creation of a new environment, no matter where you are.

“Immediately, you are in a park, in Brasília, and with a VR headset or screen, you enter a new place.”

g 1 DF: ua. What are the advantages of the metaverse?

Liziane Quadros: Do you want more followers? I think the main benefit is in education. It makes a lot of difference to be able to see and, in the case of metaverse, thought, smell and the like. It is you who can tell a student what you are talking about.

In medicine, I believe this type of technology is important. We will be able to bring some ideas to faraway places, in addition to helping more people stay healthy. Also, I think that is a fun option it is very useful. Games are in the world precisely brought to life.

g 1 DF: ua. Is it a metaverse in the 3rd wave of the internet, called Web 3.0?

Liziane Quadros: Do you want more followers? Basically, this is the new wave of internet. It is our ability to access the internet from anywhere in the world. It is you meet people, no matter where they are.

“Web 3.0 permission to remove processes can not send this information to anyone because I do not have internet.”

g1df ua: Where is NFT, and now virtual clothing is coming into this problem?

Liziane Quadros: NFT is a digital tool, basically it is a digital form of some objects, symbols and even art. These are digital devices whose price is still too high for a single customer. But, considering the metaverse, in about 8 years, I believe it will be more. The uniforms work similarly to NFT’s.

g1df ua: How does the buying and selling of NFT work?

Liziane Quadros: Do you want more followers? The purchasing process is very simple: simply enter the NFTs industry, making your choice and payment. But it is worth noting that these products are still very effective, so people should have their feet on the ground in response to this.

“The detail, for me, is on sale. Anyone can build an NFT and sell it, but it’s easier to ‘Neymar’ [jogador que investe em NFT] to be able to sell, than the blind, is usually due to the value and desire to have Neymar shoes, for example. ”

g 1 DF: ua. Some people have reported falling into fraud and getting fake NFTs. How to protect yourself in the metaverse?

Liziane Quadros: The most important thing is the platform on which we buy these products. It must be trustworthy, have META or Microsoft logo. Every NFT has a certificate and, as it’s unique, it usually has a code number, so be aware of this. But certification is required.

“You can not click on something without the backup that it is real.”

g 1 DF: ua. For those who are still afraid to use this tool, what is your idea?

Liziane Quadros: Do you want more followers? New developments are always questioned or feared, but we must always remember that there are laws that protect us. Mostly about LAI (Access to Information Law) and it is very appropriate. But it is important to remember the advantages of this technology to bring to everyone. We have been afraid of e-mail, and it has been part of our truth for over 20 years.

* Under the tutelage of Maria Helena Martinho

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