Inter Milan win Juventus title

Inter Milan beat Coppa Italia over Juventus 4-2. The crash, which took place in the afternoon, ended in a draw in regular time, but in extra time Perisic scored twice. The goals of the tournament are scored by Barella, Çalhanoglu, Perisic (twice) for the Nerazzurri, while Alex Sandro and Vlahovic scored for the Bianconeri.

With this achievement, Inter broke the 11-year-old fast, as the club had not carried the Coppa Italia trophy since the 2010/11 season. With that, he already has eight names in the race.

The Old Lady will go unseen this season, as in Italian she is only in fourth place, with 69 points, 11 less than the Milan leaders.

Juve return to the next location Monday (16), at 15:45 (Brasília time), meet Lazio, at home. Inter meet Cagliari on Sunday, at 15:45 (Brasília time). Both matches are valid for the 37th round of the Italian Championship.

Good plan!

Right at the start of the match, at six minutes, Barella opened the scoring for Inter. The midfielder got left, dominated by pulling into the middle, with space and no marks, and hit the cross at an angle, with no chance for Perin. After the goal, the Milan team started to press, create more and improve in the competition.

Inter Milan's Barella celebrate their goal against Juve in Coppa Italia final - ISABELLA BONOTTO / AFP - ISABELLA BONOTTO / AFP

Inter Milan’s Barella celebrate their goal against Juve in the Coppa Italia final


Handanovic twice

For 15 minutes, the only accomplishment was Barella goal. However, in the final minutes, Juve decided to force himself in the match and it was the turn of the Handanovic player to appear.

The old lady first try was with Dybala, who kicked with danger, but shirt 1 did well. The second from Vlahovic foot, which got in the area, after a wrong exit from Inter, dominated well and hit a cross, sending a bomb to the goalkeeper to defend.

inter press

After the first half, Juve started to like the game more and ended up bombing Handanovic, who was forced to keep Inter well ahead of the score. There are at least five ways by the Old Woman to tie the knot.

Enjoy Tite

Danilo left the voice even before the break. The player has been plagued by physical problems and caused concern for the coach of the Brazilian team, who called him to the next team in Brazil, in June.

Turn in Rome!

The second half also started with a lot of pressure from Juventus. At six minutes, after vaccination Vlahovic, the ball was left to Alex Sandro, who kicked outside the box, had a deflection and Handanovic did not make his best moment of the game, accepting the tie.

Soon after, in good form, Dybala gained speed and gave first place to Vlahovic. The player enters the area, cuts the mark and stops Handanovic, but on the comeback he does not waste it and scores the goal of Juve return. Everything changes in two minutes at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome!

Vlahovic celebrates his last goal against Inter Milan in Coppa Italia - FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP - FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP

Vlahovic celebrates his goal against Inter Milan in the Coppa Italia final


All the same

Lautaro got in a small area, but got tangled up with Bonucci and fell into the grass. The tournament manager quickly introduced the lemon sign. Çalhanoglu to the ball, took it very well and sent it into an angle, indefensible to Perin.

ua peris!

In extra time, De Vrij fell in the Juve backyard De Lig. The race continued, but the game stopped for the VAR to check the race. The tournament administrator was contacted by the referee and given the penalty. Perisic paid well and put Inter ahead of the scoring again.

Soon after, Inter took advantage of the venue of the attack. Perisic got off the edge of the box, unmarked, and hit a beautiful cross to score four goals for Milan.

Perisic celebrates his goal against Juventus in the Coppa Italia final - FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP - FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP

Perisic celebrates his goal over Juventus in the Coppa Italia final



Just six minutes into the first half, midfielder Barella opened the scoring for Milan. In the second half, right at the start, Alex Sandro left everything equal, at six, and, in the next minute, Vlahovic scored a substitute for Juve, but at the end of the season control. Çalhanoglu draw the challenge. During overtime, Perisic put Inter ahead again, grinding at eight, from penalties, and on the 11th.


Why: Italian Cup final
Local: ANDOlympic Stadiumin Rome (Italy)
Date and time: 11/05/2022, 4:00 (GMT)
purpose: Barella (6 ‘T1 – INT), Alex Sandro (6’ T2 – YUV), Vlahovic (7 ‘T2 – YUV), Çalhanoglu (35’ T2 – INT), Perisic (8 ‘T1 (P) – INT), Perisic (11 ‘1st (P) – INT)
Yellow cards: Brozovic (INT), Locatelli (JUV), Vidal (INT)

Youth: perin ib; Daniyee (Morata), Chiellini (Arthur)Inside ligt and Alex Sandro (Pellegrini); Rabiot, Zakaria (Locatelli) and square; Dybala (Origin), Bernardeschi (Bonucci) and Vlahovic. Physician: Massimiliano Allegri

INTER MILAN: Handanovic; D’Ambrosio (Dimarco (Bastoni)), De irj, Skriniar and Darmain (Dumfries); Barella, Brozovic, Çalhanoglu (Vidal) and Perisic; Lautaro (Alexis Sánchez) and Dzeko (Joaquín Correa). Physician: Simone Inzaghi

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