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Intel announced Tuesday (10) its new line of HX processors for applications with the promise of high performance. The models are part of the 12th generation and follow the recommendations of the H line of 2021, with an opening for overclocking and focusing on gaming or heavier work. As the name suggests, the new HX is the best mobile chips in the world for office.

The lineup comes at a higher level compared to the 2021 H model, carrying Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 options with up to 16 cores and 24 cores. The announcement was made during the Intel Vision event, which took place on May 10 and 11 in Dallas, USA. LUB TechTudo The event is covered live and has more details below.

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Intel unveils HX processors with up to 16 cores and focuses on gaming – Image: Yuri Hildebrand / TechTudo

Specifications of the new Core i9 12900HX have already landed on the test site ahead of Intel’s announcement. The processor features 16 cores, 24 threads and is locked for overclocking, like the Core i9 11980HK by 2021. Of all the cores available, eight are ready for performance and the other eight for performance, essentially which should help books about. performance. autonomy.

Another highlight is the 10 nm processor, also following the example of the H line in 2021, with support for the recent DDR5 memory, allowing up to 128 GB of RAM. the platforms, very advanced. number (only from notebook).

According to Intel, the maximum clock speed of the model is 5 GHz in single-core, something especially for gaming platforms. It is also worth mentioning that it supports PCIe 5.0 and has Wi-Fi 6E, allowing users access to 6 GHz networks (which is not yet available in Brazil).

Dell’s Precision line notebooks promise more performance with HX chips – Photo: Yuri Hildebrand / TechTudo

The new HX model is aimed at both professional platforms and gamer models. During Intel Vision, the processor was housed in Dell Precision notebooks, for example, demonstrating multiple functions in various 3D processing tasks.

The performance of the model with the latest top-notch technology promises to be similar to a robust desktop, focused on performance. In this way, it is possible to film in the background while adjusting the 3D model, for example, without loss of function, which is distributed throughout the cores and threads.

The Intel Core i9 12900HX, with the help of the GeForce RTX 3070, has seen great results when running Rider’s Republic in 4K without crashes – Photo: Yuri Hildebrand / TechTudo

Another important use is in sports. Running Rider’s Republic, a brand that brings a wide range of heavy-duty sports, MSI laptop equipped with the new Core i9 from HX line output performance, in 4K at 60 Hz (highest resolution, it is important to say). It is worth noting that the graphics are supported by the Nvidia RTX 3070 card, but the main thing is that the game is noiseless even with the highest resolution images.

* The journalist traveled as an invitation Intel.

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