Intel can delay the release of desktop Arc GPUs until late August

According to data from people connected with the company, although there are no problems with the hardware, the software still needs to be upgraded.

the release of Intel Arc GPUs for Desktopswhich is scheduled for the beginning of July, can be extended to the end of August. According to data released by Igor’s Lab website, which will be heard by various sources linked to the company, Intel has not yet decided on this, but all suggests that this might be the way.

By law, Intel still holds the position that GPUs will hit the market in Q2 2022, that is, in April and June. Therefore, if the delay to Q3 2022 is guaranteed – between July and September – the company should announce soon by the announcement.

Why delay the release of desktop Arc GPUs?

While supply shortages have led to a recession in recent months, The reason for the additional delay can not be done with hardware, but with software. Intel will not be able to meet its deadlines of driver upgrades for GPUs.

Igor’s Lab also pointed out that some of the sites discussed were experimental – which may indicate that a software problem has been found to be unsolvable by the end of time. In order to reduce stress, the company may consider waiting a little longer, but put the ingredients into the market with less impact on driving related issues. car.

There is still much to do

In terms of hardware, firmware and final clock make everything look modern. However, the final software was not developed in the required time. As it was the company’s first product in this segment, the company was cautious and did not want to reach out to the market with issues that could damage the company’s image.

– Continued after announcement –

On the 24th of May, another edition of Computex, the main electronics fair in Asia, will take place, an event in which Intel generally has a significant partnership. It is expected that announcements of new GPUs for the market will be made there, but the presentation can only be “established”, without a release date announcement.

She is waiting for the scenes from the next chapter. Whether the launch option, with or without delay, what matters to our customers if the product reaches the market works in the best way, right?

Computex 2022 is confirmed: from May 24th to 27th

Computex 2022 is confirmed: from May 24th to 27th
Asia’s largest commodity market will return to face-to-face


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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Igor’s Lab


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