Instagram has the desired goal after experimenting with NFTs

The most common video sharing technology is entering the world of non-fungible tokens. Instagram innovates and starts experimenting with NFTsNow authors can share their files with some similarity to similar images.

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Instagram enters the world of NFTs (Image: Pixabay)

Mark Zuckerberg Mastering the Metaverse Initiation Measurement with NFTs on Instagram

In a video released yesterday (9) by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, it makes sense to start modifying NTF technology to include in all the apps in Meta category. The purpose is to allow owners of photo collections to share their information in profile pictures, photos and stories.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri also appeared in a video posted on his Instagram profile. twitterwhere he says the test is still small and aims to learn from the core platform – with the owner – in the use of distributed data based on Web 3.0, as in the case of NFT.

It has been suggested that, according to experts from the Meta group, NFTs developed by Ethereum and Polygon blockchains will be the first to be supported on the platform. Technology from Solana and Flow will take longer to build up.


Instagram is not the first social network to accept NFTs

Instagram is trying to improve and not fall to the ground for the latest technology. LUB Twitter already accepts NFTs and specializes in using them to create profile pictures.

Despite the high cost to acquire NFT, the market has grown steadily with the advent of technology and the ability to use tokens in current devices, not an investment to long into the future.

As mentioned by Adam Mosseri, the initial goal is to understand how NFTs work and how they can integrate into your platform.

“I want to know in advance that NFTs and blockchain technology and Web 3.0 expansion further are about sharing trust, sharing power” because they are owned by the bars, “but Instagram is the The core of the platform, so there is stress there. ”, in addition to the need to change the content.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are specialized digital devices that can do everything in their digital form, whether it be a work of art, music, or a card of information. They are sold and bought from online platforms as products “created” in the digital world, but they have no tangible (physical) form of their own.

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