Inspired by Palmeiras, adaptation, goals, ambition for the title, Luís Castro… Patrick de Paula opens the game on Botafogo: ‘This is better’

I was really happy for yesterday’s game and for what we got through. It is from here for the betterWith that in mind, Patrick de Paula began his partnership as a guest on the “Seleção SporTV” program, this Friday. the steering wheel of Botafogo open the game and talk about various subjects.

The starting point was a 3-0 win over Ceilândia, where he scored his first goal for Botafogo and opened the scoring.

I think it’s the best game. I’m switching to Botafogo, for the sake of coaching, I’m improving to be able to bring joy to our fans – says Patrick de Paula.

Read another quote from Patrick de Paula:

Leaving Palmeiras, where he competed with Danilo

– I have a great love for Danilo, we have grown from the ground up. I’m not saying I come to play, I come to team and Botafogo. The players had good times and bad, I was injured, I lost place. But I will be very grateful to Palmeiras, where I started, I won the title, the love of the fans, I am grateful, it lives on in my heart. I came again, giving joy, including the support of the fans and giving back in the best possible way, accomplishing goals, providing support and teamwork.

Criticism of Palmeiras and not playing in the World Cup

– I have dealt with the criticism a lot. Soccer There will always be someone to talk to, but I have to be kind to teach me football. We are young, we play on time, we have time to play and work hard. I have nothing to say about Abel (Ferreira), I thank you very much. I could have been in the World, but it was his decision, I did not ask him. I did what I could control, train, motivate myself and play. I was rooting for my friend, unfortunately the world name did not come up. I have been passionate about my work, I have to be a joy to Palmeiras fans. I came back, I played well, I happened to leave, now I want to make Botafogo fans happy.

The error in Palmeiras

– If you think I’m wrong in what I do, I can give my face a whip, give me advice. It happens. I started new in soccer, everything happened quickly, but I did not run away from my problem. Yes. I have a different mind, I am a different person, I want to focus on my football, the football show on Botafogo, have a good show, a goal, a name. I came to this, to the delight of the fans. I am here to help.

Luis Castro

– I think Luís Castro wants something good, because I did it at Palmeiras. He supports me, helps me, he is also flexible. There will be stress, good times, mutual help making it easier. He knew I could help, plus the team. He told me to work hard and be passionate to achieve the best. I played first and second against the midfielder, I handed that responsibility to him, but he knew he could count on me.

Relationship with Niko Hämäläinen

– I do not understand, I do not speak his language. There is an interpreter, who helps. She got well, the crowd hugged. It is adapting, I hope it is as much as possible to help us.


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