Influenza vaccine expanded in Curitiba; identify useful groups

LUB Influenza vaccine will expand next week in Curitiba. chronic painPeople with chronic respiratory, heart, kidney, liver and neurological disorders, including those with diabetes, obesity, mutations or those with some current trisomy can received the flu vaccine this year.

In addition to these groups, the rooms also vaccinate other visitors who have already been contacted: pregnant women, postpartum women (mothers with pregnancies up to 45 days) or) children from 6 months of age to under 5 years of age (4 years, 11 months and 29 years). days) and adults. age 60 or older


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These populations are part of a significant group identified by the Ministry of Health, which considers these individuals to be more susceptible to complications caused by influenza.

Where to go and what to bring

The vaccine will be available Monday through Friday, at 98 hospitals, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A list of content can be checked on the Imuniza Já website, as of Monday (09).

To get vaccinated, simply go to one of the support centers and bring a form with a photo and CPF, in addition to a certificate of residence in Curitiba, if you have not yet registered at the treatment room.

Patients on a private network must bring proof that they are part of a patient group. Patients with chronic disease who are already being monitored by SUS Curitiba do not need this additional information.

In the case of a child immunization, it is also necessary to present a form with a photo and CPF of the parent or guardian, in addition to the child’s educational information.

SMS reiterates that in Curitiba, the use of masks in health care services still needs to be done. Therefore, for vaccination, it is necessary to use it.

children and adults

In adults, in addition to the flu vaccine, a fourth dose (second dose) is also available. And in children, simultaneously vaccinated Triple Viral Vaccine (VTV), which protects against mumps, rubella and measles.

VTV will be used even for children who are aware of their immunization schedule, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, after being diagnosed with measles has returned to a national increase. In Curitiba, there is no data on the disease this year, but with the migration of people to other cities, the disease can arrive and spread if there is no major vaccine.

In children who have received at least one dose of influenza vaccine in the past year, the vaccination schedule may be just one dose. For children who are getting the vaccine for the first time, the recommendation is that the second dose be given 30 days after the first dose.

Oliveira emphasizes the importance of parents or guardians keeping their children immunized up to date. “We are seeing, in recent days, more and more attention is being given to the care of children with symptoms of asthma, infections and other ailments. can be prevented by the vaccine, so it is important to follow the competition, “he said.

Indigenous peoples and the homeless

SMS is also a vaccine to protect indigenous and homeless people against the flu. In the case of indigenous peoples, vaccinated directly into the village. And in the case of the homeless, vaccinations are routinely provided by the Street Clinic team.

Health workers

Health workers have been vaccinated since the beginning of the competition in their respective workplaces, in hospitals and district clinics.

For personal health workers, immunization runs until June 3, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Regional Health Board. Area of ​​Paraná (For Professor João Argemiro Loyola, 74, Seminar).

As part of the National Influenza Vaccine, staff in the health care and testing centers and manufacturers fall into this category: physician, nurse practitioner, dietitian, physician, physician, physician, veterinarian, biomedical, pharmacist, dentist, speech therapist, physician mental health, community consultant. staff, physical education specialists, veterinarians and their professionals and assistants.

Home-based specialists, such as caregivers for the elderly and doulas (midwives) can be vaccinated. Supporting staff (receptionists, management, security, cleaning, catering and assistants, ambulance drivers) of health services can also be provided. receive vaccines, if they prove a connection with the manufacturer in the health region.

To be vaccinated, you must present proof of identity linked to the county health services or specialist card and proof of residency. Curitiba.

Competition 2022

SMS kicked off this year’s flu campaign on March 30 and has vaccinated more than 163,000 people in the city. The meeting of other important groups depends on the arrival of new exports of the vaccine.

The main things to call are: teachers; people with permanent disabilities; drivers; transport staff; police; military.

groups have already been discussed

– Adults
– Children 6 months of age and under 5 years of age
– Pregnant women and mothers
– Chronic patients (such as patients with chronic respiratory, heart, kidney, liver and brain diseases; in addition to people with diabetes, obesity, immune system, mutations or those with some trisomy).
– Health Care Workers (vaccinated by Coren)
– Indigenous peoples (local vaccinations)
– Homeless people (Vaccine)

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