Influenza can cause heart disease, electrical failure and scarring, US research shows

Researchers at Ohio State University, in the United States, have been able to show that the flu can cause direct damage to the heart, which interferes with the study. Heart problems are caused by severe pain in the lungs of patients.

In an article published Wednesday (11) in the journal Science Advances, scientists reported that the flu virus causes electrical dysfunction and scarring in mice. direct transmission of the disease.

In the past, scientists have found the virus in the heart of infected mice, but they could not determine whether it contained the flu virus that causes the disease. incident.

To solve the problem, they modified the flu virus to prevent recurrence in the liver. It was then that they found that infected mice developed the classic flu symptoms, simply without heart disease.

“Now we need to know what the disease does directly: does it kill the heart? Does it have long-term effects? Does re-infection have heart problems that occur over time? There are many questions now for us to answer, ”said Director of Research, Professor Jacob Yount of Ohio State University School of Medicine.

Genetics and risk of problems

Yount’s lab found that mice that lacked the IFITM3 gene, which encodes key proteins in the body, eliminate the risk of developing heart problems during the flu.

The same can be said for humans. It has been estimated that around 4% of Europeans have a genetic mutation that causes IFITM3 gene deficiency.

“We know that these people are at higher risk for severe influenza infection, and our studies in mice show that they are also more likely to be affected by heart flu,” he added.

Although the study is still in its infancy, Yount said he believes the findings show that a person being able to eradicate the virus could be the key to minimizing the damage to heart disease in patients.

It talks about the importance of getting the flu shot. In Brazil, the vaccine was started on April 4 for doctors and the elderly, and is Connect to other major groups on May 2such as children up to 5 years old, pregnant women, pregnant women, indigenous people and so on.

Immunization payments, however, are at 30.4%, far more than the 90% required by the Ministry of Health.

At an event between the Butantan Institute and the Sanofi Pharmaceutical Company, at the end of April, infectious disease specialist Rosana Richtmann, from the Emílio Ribas Institute of Infectious Diseases, was devoted to the issue. heart associated with the common cold.

“There is a growing association of diseases – and I’m not just talking about the flu – with heart disease. There is a person with the flu and then heart disease is not a bad thing. thing, but the result of what we know. it can happen. “

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