Influencer “Tarzan Real” is associated with R $ 3 million scam with NFT

The “Tarzan Real” influencer, a character created by Mike Holston, was involved in a scam with the NFTs, which wreaked havoc on investors who believed in the project.

Known by those who oppose animal protection, “The Real Tarzann” has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. On YouTube, it has a channel with more than 800,000 followers, in addition to its presence on other social networks.

This suggests that it can significantly affect the supply of certain products. And that really happened when he joined the Tribe of Ogun Collection, which would have taken him as well.

The NFT printed profile published a picture of Tarzan holding a snake and telling the animals to protect themselves
The NFT Collection Profile has published a picture of Tarzan holding a snake and asking the animals to protect themselves. Twitter.

The NFTs in this book will represent tarzan in digital avatars with animal images. In addition, the characters will be available in NFT Games, a theme that has amassed worldwide interest in recent months, but that has not gone well beyond that. .

After raising $ 700,000, the collection of NFTs involved with influencer “Tarzan Real” disappeared

Tarzan characters include the fictional story of a man raised by gorillas, who has made movies, cartoons, and more. Using these images, “The Real Tarzann” often declares his relationship with the animals in his relationships, claiming various forms of protection.

And with the ultimate goal, he has joined the collection of NFTs that have raised US $ 700,000 in recent months, which in exchange for Real will provide some of R $ 3 million.

From Twitter, the influencer released In December 2021 that his collection will be focused on animal protection and is one of the best NFTs of all time. That was the last time he released these NFTs to the public.

The real Tarzann posted on his Twitter about the missing collection with money from investors
“The Real Tarzann” posted on his Twitter about a collection that went missing with money from investors. twitter

current profile zaj xbtwho has 200,000 Twitter followers and claims to be a survivor of cryptocurrency scams, publishes a complaint against products related to the author. Tribe of Ogun.

“Another day, another scam, this time the Team of Ogun for $ 700k from The Real Tarzan, an Instagram fan with 6.2 million followers.”

Team lost after money goes to Coinbase

According to research of zaj xbtwho did not specify the involvement of “The Real Tarzann” with the collection, after selling NFTs for around $ 700,000, the money went to Coinbase, indicating that he was expelled from the group.

By then, all developers were gone from the project and no further information was available on the event, with customers now holding NFT at no commercial cost.

A user identifies himself as a victim of fraud, and this is the first NFT he has lied to, as a lesson he will carry on in the future.

Records show that stakeholders sometimes join groups and activities do not go as planned. Despite the outcome of the case, “The Real Tarzann” did not speak publicly about the case to his followers.

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