Influencer removed silicone after 13 years due to health problems, and was surprised by what he saw: ‘This is in me!’; see

American influencer Bunnie DeFord has finally got his body and mind back. After 13 years, the woman removed her breast implants due to skepticism about the treatment of the problems associated with them. The creator of the content showed beautiful pictures of what the implant looked like, and the video went viral on social media.

According to Star Trek, Bunnie has been suffering from this disease for years and has decided that she will return to her breasts. It was then that he underwent surgery to remove it. In the post-procedure video, the influencer holds the prostheses in his hand and the white and yellow bumps float in the material. The content already has more than 3.5 million views, 229 thousand likes and 4 thousand comments. View:

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“I have been using plant extracts for 13 years, but I am starting to have many symptoms that no doctor can diagnose them. [o que era]. So I took them out in November 2020. See here. This has been in the human body. “he said.

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Influencer Bunnie DeFord removes her breast implant after reporting a major health problem. (Image: Playback / TikTok)

“It was the best decision I ever made. All the symptoms disappear except anxiety. I believe in myself too [seios] the sky “he added, giving details of his current state of health.

Continued after the announcement

Bunnie took advantage of his experience to provide information to his followers: “Please be sure to see a doctor if you think your pesticides are causing the disease. We do not have to suffer to seek perfection! ”. Female notice affects many users. “I do not think I need more”write a profile. “I feel bad, but this would be ‘no’ for me. Thank you for being honest and letting us know.”complete in a moment.

According to plastic surgeon Eduardo Kanashiro, in the case of Veja, replacement of the prostheses only has to be done when there is a change or request from the patient. Confidence from celebrities can be preserved for the rest of their lives today. “There have been advances in manufacturing and product development processes that have improved strength and reduced the need for change.”said the doctor for the announcement.

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