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While IP Capital Partners, one of the nation’s leading venture capital firms and recognized for its investment in technology, has dedicated its 33-page Web 3.0 portfolio , home partners are poised to foster local debates about the risks that platforms like Facebook – a major investor venture – can run with changing online architecture.

“Today we were able to invest in some of the leading companies in the industry of beautiful profits (…). What could go wrong?

If in the web 2.0 platforms (collaboration, but also business) are designed to be intermediaries – which benefits consumers with network benefits but gradually stop paying developers who have helped build the ecosystem – in the integration of the web 3.0 monopoly will be at risk.

In practice, programmers and other content creators can benefit directly from the website 3.0 architecture – based on blockchains -, getting tokens that allow the network to function. In the crypto world, this is what is called a membership market.

In Brazil, discussions about the vendors on Web 3.0 are still in their infancy, but controversy is beginning to subside, as seen by the IP report. In the venture capital world, investments in the crypto industry have already taken place, but Valor Capital – co-founded by former CEO Clifford Sobel – wants to take the Brazilian crypto ecosystem to the next level. .

Crypto Seed Program, by Valor Capital, to Invest US $ 1 Million in One Start – Image: Pixabay

Following the completion of an increase of $ 500 million – in two installments of $ 250 million each – Valor Capital wants to establish an investment program in the early crypto industry. Called the Crypto Seed Program, the initiative plans to invest up to US $ 1 million per startup (small checks by company models).

Michael Nicklas, partner at Valor Capital, said: “The idea is to boost the ecosystem. In practice, the program makes the company’s policies more flexible to translate capital.” can agree quickly, only one participant examines it in a day “, added Eduardo Vasconcellos, responsible for fintech and crypto investments of the president.

With an increase of $ 500 million, Valor Capital has also agreed to invest in crypto currency initiatives with investors. The logic is that, with one program, investors do not find it strange that the bank has 60 assets, not 30 – the usual numbers – explains Nicklas. “It will not be like we are deviating from the law.”

There is no unique number of crypto startups that can be supported by the Valor Capital program, but the idea is that they can increase the strength with capital, improve the business to be worth the investment. from the environment always present by the president.

The program defines five business axes that can receive investment: infrastructure, decentralized finance, NFTs, Web 3.0 and DAOs – autonomous decentralized digital organizations, business strategies with pulverized control and exchanges on networks like Ethereum.

In DAO, it looks like the company does not need a regular exchange of tokens on its capital and management responsibilities. In practice, Valor Capital will be able to invest directly in tokens from these trades. The limit is 20% of the money – above, the administrator will need a different permit to work with the liquid equipment.

For basic crypto startups, the logic of investing in tokens is similar to that of the SAFE (Agreement for Future Justice) framework, a financial model that does not define an investment. in the first round, but give investors the right to enter the series A round at a discount. In the start-up business that deals with tokens, the industry has already called for the SAFT (Easy Agreement for Future Token) model, says Nicklas.

For Valor Capital, the financial seed process for the crypto world is another step in the leader’s strategy to position itself as a global entity. The company is one of the most important in the region, with a portfolio that includes since its first investment in Coinbase, back in 2014 – when it was invited to of Andreessen Horowit – and through exchanges such as the Mexican Bitso and the Brazilians Cloudwalk and BAYS, which operates under the DAO.

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