In bikini, Lauana Prado shows off her curves and kisses her girlfriend in the pool

The atmosphere of love has hit social media Lo Ana Prado Last week. Through Instagram, the country singer posted a series of photos of her appearing with her girlfriend. Veronica Schulz.

In the picture, The two appeared in bikinis, showing great curves while having fun in the water. “Rare free time today is priceless. Always with my love Veronica Schulz. Araguaia River, I love you! ”Announced the artist in the title of the publication.

In another photo, Lauana Prado appears alone. This time she has sexually abused Give sexy on her pants While showing off her attractive figure and showing off her amazing body.

On social media, popular publications have been successful and Received many compliments and love messages from fans and friends. “It’s too pretty,” said one follower. Another fan declared “biggest.” “The most beautiful couple does not exist,” the admirer wrote. “Two Gems” praises Internet users. “Beautiful,” said another follower of Lauana Prado.

Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, which was celebrated last Sunday (12) Lauana Prado and Veronica Schulz also exchanged love statements on social media. The singer, for example, collected several photos of herself near her lover and left an emotional article for her in the caption of the post.

“Another Valentine’s Day is near you and even though we are not the most related couple in dates and celebrations, I just want to record how important you are and how much I love you. How much. We do not always live our best days, but our love always surprises us and makes us strong. I love everything about you and I want to love you for many years to come, knowing and learning to deal better with our daily differences. I love your attention, your distribution, our strengths and our plans. Happy Valentine’s Day to us! You are my closure, my number, my soul mate, and the most beautiful gift I have ever received. I love you, I love you and I love you !! ”Wrote Laura.

In your profile Veronica Schulz also paid homage to her girlfriend. And posted some pictures of the couple. “Yes, contrary to what you think or what you can imagine, we are not the perfect couple. Not a couple who do not quarrel and do not have problems. “She started.

“We live in the reality of all couples, we go through difficult times. In the busy schedule, we are always together and all that needs to be said today is that we always win everything with LOVE. Because what brought us together is the reason that keeps us together until today! Our goal has been achieved and we will live with more beautiful times … I love you. ”Announced Veronica.

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