Hyundai unveils first exclusive NFT collection from Metamobility: Shooting Star

Hyundai Motor Company will be launching its first special collection of Metamobility NFTs (non-fungible tokens) available, called “Shooting Star”, from its NFT website from May 9th to 10th.

The Star Shooting collection continued its power generation on April 18, when Hyundai Motor announced that it would become the first automaker to build the global NFT community. The buzz created in the NFT market led to their first offering, the limited-edition ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ NFTs, all sold out shortly after release.

For its NFT community, Hyundai Motor has announced the launch of social media platform Discord and Twitter, as well as a legal website since May 2nd to create online communities. The company gained 127,000 members on Discord and attracted 86,000 users on Twitter.

Hyundai Motor operates 24/7 communication and handles a wide range of events for its NFT communities. Members joined in, posting their own memes and fan art. For the so-called “free listings”, the list of licensed specialists or early entrants, about 700,000 people gathered to buy NFTs from Hyundai.

On May 9th and 10th, Hyundai Motor will sell 10,000 official “Shooting Star” NFTs, according to the Ethereum network, on its NFT website. The company chose the Ethereum platform because of its reliability and plans to replace its minting system (NFT-certified by blockchain) in a stable way this year. Pre-sales for free buyers who win NFT community events held by Hyundai Motor will be on May 9, after sale on May 10.

Sales of the NFT shooting star will follow the latest ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ movie, which ends with the gorilla character ‘Kongz’ finding the star shooting stuck in the car’s air wiper system Hyundai Pony car. Through this sale, Hyundai Motor will develop a complete NFT project under the concept of its “metamobility edge”

Hyundai Motor’s Metability NFTs use the “Programmed Revelation” method, showing first and foremost images of real and personal images of NFTs. In other words, 10,000 generic “Shooting Star” NFT images will turn into special Metamobility NFTs, in various forms, by the end of May.

“Starting with our ‘Shooting Star’ NFTs, we are expanding Hyundai brand experience into the ‘Metamobility universe’, creating a unique opportunity for members of our NFT community to join in the fun,” he said. said Thomas Schemera, Global CMO and Head of Hyundai. Motor Customer Experience Division. “We plan to release more specialized NFTs based on the ‘metamobility edge’ concept and introduce more benefits to members to expand communities going forward.”

Hyundai recently introduced its “Metamobility” concept.

Aiming to be a pioneer in the integration of metaverse and smart devices, Hyundai Motor unveiled to the public earlier this year at CES 2022 in Las Vegas its vision of Metamobility. In time, the automaker has explained how, through concept, the role of mobility will be extended to virtual reality (VR), ultimately allowing humans to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space. The idea goes beyond seeing of how robots, for example, can become the center of the real world and virtual space, allowing humans to, in the metaverse, change focus.

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