Hyundai, the automaker, will announce the new NFT product

Hyundai, South Korea automaker, is also another automaker in the NFT industry. The company will be producing its first specialty products NFTs (non-fungible tokens) inside Metamobilitycalled “Estrela Cadente”, by its official NFT website, between the 9th and 10th of May.

NFT for Hyundai’s Metaverse

surfing wave metaverse and NFTa Hyundai announced Metamobility of CES 2022, an event in January this year. The collection “Shooting starsThe creation of the power plant took place on April 18, when Hyundai announced that it would become the first automaker to build the global community of NFTs. The original collection, “Hyundai x Meta Kongz”, went on sale shortly after release.

Between the 9th and 10th of May, Hyundai will sell 10,000 official NFTs “Shooting Star”according to the network Ethereum, on its NFT website. The company chose the Ethereum platform because of its reliability and plans to replace its minting system (NFT-certified by blockchain) in a stable way this year. Advance sales for free buyers who win a community event NFT The setup by Hyundai will be through May 9, followed by sales on May 10 (see website for more details).

Hyundai Motor’s Metability NFTs use the “Programmed Revelation” method, showing first and foremost images of real and personal images of NFTs. 10,000 generic “Shooting Star” NFT images will be converted to exclusive Metamobility NFTs, in various forms, by the end of May.


Hyundai unveiled earlier this year at CES 2022 its vision for Metamobility. In time, the automaker has explained how, through concept, the role of mobility will be extended to virtual reality (VR), ultimately allowing humans to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space. The idea goes beyond seeing of how robots, for example, can become the center of the real world and virtual space, allowing humans to, in the metaverse, change focus.


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