Hyundai launches NFT and plans for the metaverse

South Korean giant Hyundai has announced its NFT collection and is preparing for entry into the metaverse. This is also another car company entering the NFTs market, a technology that allows the creation of specialized digital devices registered on the blockchain.

Many companies have used the advantages of these devices to get closer to their customers and fans.

And Hyundai’s mission is mainly to reach the audience of two generations, Z and thousands of years. A Twitter profile called Hyundai NFT has been created by the automaker, who has promised to publish its news on social media and on its website.

With an eye on the switch, Hyundai unveiled the NFT collection

In partnership with “Meta Kongz”, Hyundai announced last Sunday (17) its NFTs collection to enter this industry once and for all. The Meta Kongz collection was also designed by South Korea and known by its authors.

Next Wednesday (20), Hyundai will be announcing 30 exclusive NFT products for its fans, who will be able to purchase these on these platforms. It is worth noting that this is the first interaction of the brand with the cryptocurrency market.

Thomas Schemera, head of global marketing at Hyundai Motor and head of product distribution at consumer markets, said the new acquisition would expand brand awareness.

“The Hyundai NFT Universe will continue the Hyundai brand experience, especially with the MZ generation (Millennials and Z), in a completely new way, furthering our commitment to innovation in the world. real answer and the metaverse.We are very excited to introduce ‘Metamobility’ from our own NFTs and start this journey with ‘Meta Kongz’.

In January at CES 2022, Hyundai unveiled its MetaMobility concept, which is now starting to arrive on NFTs. Soon, the brand should continue its arrival to the metaverse.

Car manufacturers and cryptocurrencies

In 2021, Tesla was one of the first automakers to buy Bitcoin as a market value. At the time, it even made these currencies available as payment to consumers, but then eliminated that option.

Another venture involved in the industry is Jaguar Land Rover, which in 2018 partnered with cryptocurrency IOTA to seek innovation.

Another venture involved in the end market was Daymak, which is working on the development of an electric vehicle that mines Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Last week, the Volkswagen as Brasil has started selling its first collection of NFTs, sold out in 7 hours only. Fábio Rabelo, from Volkswagen in Latin America, called it success.

“Successful sales show that we are on the right track, providing the right technology and products that the customer needs. We have chosen to start building a unique Volkswagen platform and do not use those that are already in the market, clearly for the independence of NFTs technology “.

This shows that the relationship between cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other digital devices has reached car companies around the world, which can help them get closer to their customers and conquer the market. new.

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