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  • No one needs to be a technology expert to be a non-fungible token, because there are specialized platforms in the design and marketing of these tokens.
  • He can benefit from buying and selling NFT. However, as in the art industry, payoffs are content, which makes businesses weak and risky.

You non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is exploding in popularity, with celebrities pouring large sums of money into special digital treasures. LUB investment is driving more people to learn how to create NFTs in the hopes of paying off the current craze.

“In the past, the development of NFTs was at the discretion of the developers, but today we have companies specialized in this type of registration”, explains Bernardo Srur, Director of Brazilian Association of Cryptoeconomy (ABCripto). People who like minting (or “lying”, as the process is still called) can turn to national and international websites.

“The only thing you have to do is bring your belongings and access to the essentials”, explains the expert. All operation is accomplished through the platformswhich, in addition to registration, monitoring and exchange, can oversee the repair, operation and distribution of NFTs, leaving the owner of the property only to retain the benefits of work.

NFT can be converted faster and faster than ordinary artwork.  (Source: Shutterstock)
NFT can be converted faster and faster than ordinary artwork. (Source: Shutterstock)

Before starting the NFT design process, the customer must be the owner of what can be minted and know that teverything can change NFT. “The concept of non-fungible tokens is impacting the registration of blockchain assets,” Srur said. In this way, any asset that can only be owned by one owner can be turned into a digital asset.

In theory, even if the property is “tokenized”, there is still no law in this regard. Most of the business is digital media, such as art, graphics, music, videos, GIFs, toys, and memes.

See below step by step how to create NFT from scratch.

1. Make a digital wallet

The first step in NFT development is to have a place to store assets, that is, a digital wallet (or wallet). Many companies offer these services, with Metamask being used by owners of non-fungible tokens.

The crypto wallet supports ethereum, the main blockchain used for registration.

2. Deposit the value of cryptocurrency

(Source: Shutterstock)
The cost of producing NFT is different. (Source: Shutterstock)

For token minting, it is pay a fee called “the cost of gas “. The cost of developing NFT varies depending on the number of miners during the operation, the platform selected and the characteristics of the tool to be developed. The average price is usually between $ 10 and $ 300.

3. Connect the digital wallet to the store

Connecting digital wallets to businesses is important for both collect fees much for the monitor of assets to be created. The best-known NFT industry in the world is OpenSea, but there are many companies that provide services, including in Brazil.

NFTrend is considered to be the first platform of its kind in the country.

4. Upload files

Before submitting information, you can choose create an author, which allows to store multiple NFTs together. This can lead to an enjoyment of all the products, facilitate communication and even build a business partnership. If you want mint just a token, no problem, just send a letter.

5. Define NFT features and price

Everything is programmable in NFTs, though Not every platform has all the options when creating NFT. Payment may be a one-time payment or the owner may be reimbursed for all of the property. “Registration for this artist is very good, because it can increase the cost and expense of the work”, measured the director.

NFT can be an output or a copy in a restricted area. Also, you need to set the price for the asset. LUB the value is entirely subjective and can vary depending on the scarcity, the artist, the work, the type, the time and the interest of the writing, which makes the heritage weak and risky, just like the art industry.

6. Complete the process

After confirming all the information, only validate the process complete the creation of NFT. At that time, the minting fee is paid. Once created, the token can be exchanged at special locations or transferred to another digital wallet.

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