How to create free NFT sales on OpenSea

As infamous as they are popular, the non-fungible symptoms, or simple “NFTs”, has become a strong point in the debate about debate. These documents are digital certificates, recognized and stored on the blockchain, which guarantee their integrity and transparency to the satisfaction of all users. Although its usability can vary, linked to real estate contracts, its popularity has stemmed from digital sales.

However, a little about the steps to create NFT, something that causes the frustration that the process will be difficult and inaccessible. To demystify this doubt, the TecMundo prepare a guide to help more inexperienced users who like technology. Check it out!


Before starting, it is important to identify some of the requirements to complete the process. Assume that the user has already translated a message into it lie (the term derived from “mint”, something like “minting” in Portuguese), would simply be:

  1. Select the platform
  2. Set a blockchain preference
  3. There is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports platform options
  4. There is some cryptocurrency balance to help fund the process if it was done in Ethereum. In this case, we will use Polygon blockchain, which allows us to build NFT for free, but the cost will be covered by OpenSea if the sale is done.

Install cryptocurrency wallet

LUB crypto wallet is a digital address capable of holding both cryptocurrencies and tokens or NFTs. Although there are many options available from niche services, these MetaMask usually the top choice of users.

MetaMask digital wallet interface. MetaMask digital wallet interface. Source: MetaMask

To use it, simply log in to its legitimate website and download from one of the supported systems: Android, iOS and web browsers – including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave. After setup, simply create a MetaMask account and go to the next step.

select the platform

The end user is to go sale of NFTsyou have to choose the platform according to you liquidity and the number of active users. In this process, the key points are for OpenSea, rarely and Foundation, which is popular and has a need of support for updates and features.

Considering these situations, the instructions may apply OpenSea For example, the most famous in the niche – in it, there is one 2.5% rate applied for a completed project and support different blockchains. However, it is worth noting that the process is similar in other options.

Most importantly last year, OpenSea was facing strong competition from LooksRare. Most importantly last year, OpenSea was facing strong competition from LooksRare. Source: The Block

Instead, a good practice for users who want to try out a competitive platform is to look at the costs and features available, as this can affect the sales process.

Create NFT in Open Sea

Before creating an NFT on OpenSea, it is necessary to “register” on your business platform. The process is simple and only requires the permission of the user of the cryptocurrency wallet, which can be used to store funds in the market and store purchases.

1- Register an account on the business platform

To register, just click on the profile icon, on the right-hand side of the home page. Next, select the preferred wallet and allow access. Check out the step by step in the image below:

Adriano Cmanho / AdvertisingSteps to create an account on the OpenSea platform.

Users will be able to customize their profile on the platform with personal information, photos and banner presentations, as well as display titles and links to their discussions.

2- Create a Collection of NFTs

After registration, the next step is to create one NFT collection, whether thematic or not. To get started, simply hold down your cursor over the Profile icon and select “My Listings”, then “Create Listing”.

The process is similar to creating a profile of a relationship, with significant differences in the final steps. It should mean a commission percentage to the creator in all exchanges involving collection – including the purchase and sale of goods. In addition, it is also necessary to indicate where the blockchain industry will be conducted, including the types of cryptocurrencies acquired.

In short, it is able to select networks Ethereum and Polygon of OpenSea. The first is widely used by users, but requires a function that can be high and impossible – known as “Gas Fee”.

On the other hand, the polygon it is free and fast, but it is still small in size and can affect sales speed. After all, if a token is mined on a Polygon blockchain, it is only sold to Polygon users.

See the step by step in the pictures below:

Adriano Cmanho / AdvertisingSteps on creating the Collection of NFTs.

3- Broadcast NFT

With all the requirements met, it is capable of broadcasting NFT. To do this, click on shortcut “Tsim”, at the top right of the interface. The next screen is similar to the one seen in the previous thread, but simpler.

In it, you need to define the product or product to be published, along with the title, external links and descriptions. Going forward, it is necessary to choose the Collection that the bulletin should be given, along with some special and selected items – such as stats, promotion bars and points. not available to customers. These adjustments can be made intuitively and contain detailed instructions to assist the user.

To complete, simply select the value of the available items, the target blockchain and click “Generate”. At the end of the process, the user will access the statistics page about NFT printing, also allow it names for sale. If you want to do it, you have to select the “Sell” option, set the price in the preferred cryptocurrency and allow the exchange in the digital wallet.

See the process in the pictures below:

    sale of NFTAdvertise and sign up for NFT sales.

4- The result

As a result, the user will access their NFT and purchase products. To assist the process, it is recommended to publish the product through chat and online posting. Check out the example, in practice, from this link.

NFT Test is specified in OpenSea. NFT Test is specified in OpenSea. Source: Adriano Camacho, OpenSea

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