How spinach helps your health

You probably already know that health is the best way to maintain good health and prevent the risk of disease. Eating fruits, cereals, proteins, legumes and leafy vegetables provides the nutrients our bodies need for good health.

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Many people often do not eat leafy vegetables due to hygiene and good nutrition (not included in this diet), so the palate prefers to ignore the taste. This is especially true with spinach, a vegetable considered superfood due to its nutritious properties.

Spinach is a vegetable with very thick, dark green leaves, triangular shapes and a beautiful velvety shape. It is considered to be one of the healthiest foods because it contains many vitamins, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and nutrients.

Important diseases that spinach helps prevent

Food composition of spinach helps support the body, we can prevent some diseases. Next, let us know the names of the diseases that spinach helps prevent.


As clinical studies have been done, the chlorophyll present in spinach can reduce the risk of developing cancer cells. However, this finding still needs further research. But just knowing this is possible, it is worth eating. It is worth noting that chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of spinach and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, therefore, it helps to eliminate toxins and prevent cellular aging.


Spinach contains a substance called alpha lipoic acid. These foods have been shown to be beneficial in balancing blood sugar and increasing insulin absorption. In addition, food can prevent the onset of the disease.

Arterial hypertension

This disease is related to high intake of sodium in food. For health experts, spinach helps stabilize sodium buildup due to its mineral potency.

Digestive system problems

Eating spinach alleviates problems with poor digestion, its water and fiber promote good intestinal function.

asthma problems

Spinach, like other green leafy vegetables that contain magnesium, supports the muscles, which eventually stimulate breathing. But in addition, foods that contain antioxidants help promote immunity.

These are some of the diseases that regular consumption of spinach can reduce the risk. However, it is recommended that his diet be made up of essential foods that contain fats and proteins that improve the absorption of nutrients.

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