How Haaland consultants work on the road to Man City

A few days before last summer the window switched to close, a handful of Manchester City senior executives gathered in the conference room of the club’s main campus. very to choose what has gone, and what has gone, over the past few months. hli.

Although City, the Premier League winners, have succeeded in persuading Aston Villa to oust Jack Grealish, the unfortunate star who appeared to be the England star during the European Championship – making he was the most expensive dancer in English history in the process – he failed. to land his other important goal, Tottenham striker Harry Kane.

What has always been a difficult, fraught pursuit has descended, instead, into an argument about who to blame. Kane has, at one time, refused to part with Tottenham, the club he backed when he was a child, in the hopes of forcing Spurs’ hand, but his actions failed. Tottenham have confirmed that City have failed to present a deal that will follow the start of the negotiations.

That afternoon, City officials reflected on their ideas, considering why the agreement had not been finalized and decided what they would do. As the meeting injured and his colleagues stood out, Khaldoon al-Mubarak, the club’s director, made a final statement. It contains only two words, thoughts and expressions. “Erling Haaland,” he said.

A little over nine months later, that goal was achieved. On Tuesday afternoon, City confirmed that they had completed a “legal agreement” with Haaland’s current club, German side Borussia Dortmund, to sign the player, one of two options. Most coveted in world football this summer – Scored 85 goals in 88 games for Dortmund, and includes Kylian Mbappé as the twin model-holder for the first time in football after-Messi, after-Ronaldo generation.

In reality, of course, it did not take nine months to challenge any agreement with Dortmund. The Haaland contract contains a buy-out clause, in the region of $ 75 million, which makes Dortmund a bit unpredictable where it will play next season. Every City, every person, has to do is inform Dortmund of the plan to pay it. Haaland boss has no obligation to haggle.

Too much debate is the process of persuading Haaland that the City is the next reality in its strategic plan. Haaland, 21, may have feelings for the club: His father, Alfie, played for City during the turn of the century, and even if his son did not remember his time in Manchester, he told the Times in 2019 that he has. some love for all his old group.

But, as the City’s known, there has been little room for romance in Erling Haaland that is unbelievable. Every stage of his journey was set up with surgery – perhaps unsafe – the truth from his twin sherpas: his longtime agent, Mino Raiola, the Dutch-Italian caretaker who died last month; and his father.

When Haaland left his city group, Bryne, as a young man, he rejected the English and German groups that sought him out of Austria’s Red Bull Salzburg, home to both improving skills. shine for Europe’s big teams and the prospect of competing in the Champions League. When he left Salzburg a year later, it was not for England but for Dortmund, the club with a record of producing and selling players and was willing to set the necessary purchase terms. .

That means, of course, not just Haaland industry proof – $ 75 million is, by modern standards, a pretty good price for players who seem to have designed and built Score as many points as possible – but that, when the inevitable auction begins, the bar will not be the one who can pay the most Dortmund, but who can offer the most attractive packages to the people games and its consultants.

In order to make the most of it, Raiola and Alfie Haaland traveled to Europe’s superclubs, causing a great deal of excitement and fanfare. There are visits to Real Madrid and Barcelona. There are eyebrows fluttered in the confusion between Chelsea and Manchester United. There was even, for a time, flirtation with Bayern Munich.

That, of course, is their job. It’s exactly what Raiola, in particular, was paid to do. He did it with goodwill: not because the current estimates indicate the deal, in total, would be worth’s $ 200 million in the northern hemisphere, once Haaland’s money. Salaries and fees for agents are taken into account, but because when he does it. may need to create a new paradigm for how agents perform their players.

Gaining skills, in football, always has it that players should – to be honest – always spend money, relax big, as fast as possible. It only takes one injury, after all, to shatter the best plans; a summer passion may be a reflection of the future. Associations are fickle, and everything has an expiration date.

Raiola withdrew that to Haaland, preferably the law of slow interest. He did not pursue the bargain price – as he did, perhaps, to another of his clients, Paul Pogba – but rather made his client appeal a little slower, Gradually keep it in position not only to make the jump to one of Europe’s elite teams, but to do so in a way that appeals to players (and its representatives) rather than the club that appeared to be the owner of its contract at the time.

The city’s request is a gift. It is not a move without its warnings: Manager Pep Guardiola has worked with some of the best players of all time today, but not always successfully. . He had spent 6 years devoting himself to repairing his urban system, only to be able to adapt it to Haaland. Sometimes, however, soccer is an easy game to start. A player who scores multiple goals joins a team that develops multiple options to have a real result.

Even if it is the last gift, however, is different. At the same time City are preparing its announcement, Mbappé is busy making a photo lunch in Madrid. His contract at Paris St.-Germain expires in a few weeks and despite some concerns in it, he looks set to move to Real Madrid this summer. no. The funds of the agreement would, most likely, dwarf what the City had given to Haaland.

This is the next step in the model for which Raiola and Haaland families have been pioneers. It’s a reflection of real financial football. No price point at City, or PSG, is expected to sell the player. That’s only an option: run a contract and go out for free.

That’s the race that awaits the City, somewhere in the line. It has won out, this time, by enticing Haaland – its first true, plug-and-play superstar, someone who would have thought of but never been referred to as an actor franchise – the This is his next best thing. The question, for a player whose job is set out to cool, is so ruthlessly, whether it is his end.

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