Houred before all the lunar eclipse, the asteroid would be too “close” to Earth

Many people are looking forward to the first full moon of 2022, which begins at 11:28 pm on Sunday (15) and ends at 2:55 am on Monday (16). But this true spectacle will not be the perfect event in the sky on this great night: the hour before, an asteroid will be too “close” to Earth – and predictable that it can be between 200 m and almost half a kilometer in diameter.

In addition to all the long-awaited days, this Sunday (15) star 2008 TZ3 will be too “close” to Earth. Image: pinkfloyd yilmaz uslu – Shutterstock

Called the 2008 TZ3, the rock space could be within 5.8 million km of our planet (which, of course, is remote and safe, but short in astronomical proportions).


According to data from NASA’s Center for the Study of Near Earth Objects (CNEOS), the nearest star to Earth will be around 18:18 GMT, just over five hours earlier. start date occurs.

It should be clear that there is no reason for panic, because there is no collision with the Earth. Paul Chodas, director of CNEOS, in an interview with American News Weekly, said: “The 2008 TZ3 will fly at 15 times the distance of the moon.” We know this asteroid cycle clearly. very and can believe it will not get closer than 15 months on May 15. “

According to Chodas, the star can reach speeds of up to 29,500 km per hour relative to Earth, which is nine times faster than bullets fired from a gun.

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It is not possible to know the size of the star

Marcelo Zurita, author Watch DigitalThe president of the Paraiba Association of Astronomy (APA) and executive director of the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (Bramon) said he could not confirm the size of the site.

“The asteroid orbit is well defined, so the information we have about it is true. However, there is no way to determine its size. What we have is an estimate, according to the brilliance. And the brilliance is something that can vary depending on the albedo, which is the ability of the rock surface to see the light, “Zurita explains.

According to him, there are two ways to calculate the size of a star. “The most accurate is by observing the star occultation. When an asteroid crosses in front of the star, it is able to measure the time of this occultation, making it possible to calculate the size with precision.Another part is by calculation of albedo, that is, the measurement of the measurement of the stone.This is achieved by spectral analysis, to determine the location of the star, and from there we can count its albedo. “

Zurita said that both studies have not been completed on the 2008 TZ3 star, which is why the estimates are inaccurate. It can be compared to a 40-story house (200 m) or higher than the Sweet House (400 m).

The 2008 TZ3 has been closer to Earth than this year in three periods: in 2016, 2018 and 2020. Road 2018 is the lowest of all: around six lunar distance (approximately 2.3 million km).

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