Health found 1 dead and 16 suspected cases of hepatitis in children

Less than a month after the warning to Europe, suspected serious illness for children was reported in three regions of Brazil. After the first reports in the south and east, yesterday (9) it was the turn of the Department of Health of Pernambuco to reveal the data of the unknown disease. history.

Today, in the country, there are 16 people suspected of being under investigation by the Ministry of Health in six states, in addition to the death of a child.

The archive notes that the virus has been diagnosed and that the Cievs (Centers for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance) and the National Hospital Surveillance Network “are looking for changes in infectious diseases, including people think there is a disease ”.

The Department of Health directs health professionals to immediately report emergencies.

The recent emergence of hepatitis contributes to the severity of the disease. In Europe, children need liver transplantation in one in ten patients, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

“We have [nos vírus já conhecidos de hepatite] a case between 1,000 and 10,000 that could rise to the fulminant form. One in 10 percent is large, indicating that the disease is more serious than we see today “, said a professor and hepatologist at the UFC Hospital Complex (Federal University). of Ceará) José Milton de Castro Lima.

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events in Pernambuco

In a report released yesterday, in Pernambuco, the Department of Health reported that he was a 1-year-old child, living in Toritama (165 km from Recife), in the wild.

The child was admitted to Mestre Vitalino Hospital, in Caruaru, April 27. “The patient, with fever, skin rash [erupções] and abdominal pain with hepatomegaly [fígado aumentado]was followed by the team, saw medical improvement and was released from the hospital on the 6th “, said the text.

This information is preferred because it is a city far from where other events occur in the country (in the south and east, read below).

The team searched Toritama City Hall, which was unable to determine if the child had been traveling or had recent contact with the pedestrian.

According to the city, the situation is under evaluation and, as a precaution, the child is in isolation. Beginning tomorrow (11), the Regional Health Department will conduct a site survey and receive a written review.

Following the release of this report, early Tuesday night (10), the Pernambuco Department of Health announced a new case, this time of the 14-year-old. – which will still be evaluated. The Department of Health warned, but did not update the number until 7 p.m.

In addition to Pernambuco, cases are thought to have been reported in five states.

Hepatitis Diagnostic Report - -

In Rio, the State Department of Health issued a warning to 92 counties in the state. So far, five cases have been reported to the agency and are being investigated in the state. The baby was 8 months old, a resident of Maricá, died, and an investigation is ongoing.

In São Paulo, the state announced, as of yesterday, seven issues that need to be reported (one more than the number reported by the Ministry of Health) and they are being investigated.

In Santa Catarina, the Director of Public Health explained that the incident had been reported on Friday (6) in a 7-year-old boy, who was hospitalized in Itajaí. on May 4, presented with severe heartburn with symptoms of jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

History and Unknown

Hepatitis B virus was introduced from the UK and was rapidly spreading across Europe, Israel and the US.

According to previously documented cases, hepatitis C has been shown to cause gastrointestinal symptoms in children, including diarrhea, diarrhea and vomiting and increased levels of liver enzymes, in addition to the pale and fever-free.

According to virologist Fernando Spilki, a professor and researcher at the University of Feevale (RS), the cause of the liver disease is not yet known, but it is known that there should be spread among children.

“Despite the lack of recognition, from what has been documented in Europe and the United States so far, most children have been in contact with other situations,” he explains.

According to research in the UK, adenovirus can be involved in transmission. Of the 163 UK patients, 126 were diagnosed with adenovirus, of which 91 were diagnosed with adenovirus. [72%]. In some cases, the adenovirus is usually detected in the blood.

However, because it is not present in all patients, the disease is still considered a hypothesis.

Spilki made it clear that evidence is beginning to identify and point to the adenovirus, but he said it requires complete genomes and a better understanding of the differences between the already existing viruses. know about research.

If it is, we need to understand why it is an adenovirus different from what we have known for years. The evidence is strong, but how long has the virus been infecting humans so dramatic?
Fernando Spilki, virologist

According to him, if it is a real adenovirus, the virus is characterized by environmental transmission. “And that’s what there has found in this case: the infected person has been in contact with a disease, “he reported, saying that the case of Pernambuco attracts attention because far from other information in the country.

“If it suddenly happens somewhere that no one sees, it could if it was already there around “First, but it is something that needs to be examined,” he said.

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Notice in Latin America

According to the PAHO (Pan American Health Organization), the country needs to be cautious. On the 5th, Argentina has already confirmed the situation, the first case has been confirmed in Latin America.

“The infectious diseases that cause hepatitis B (hepatitis A, B, C, D and E) have not been detected in any of these cases. fields or links in other countries have not been identified as the following: research by the WHO “, it reports.

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