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After an average of 17.6 points in the first three duels, James Harden revealed in Game 4 that it can still be deadly and decisive. Sunday night in Philadelphia, he scored 16 in the final time alone, 31 in total, leading the Philadelphia 76ers to a 116-108 victory at the Miami Heat. The Eastern Conference semifinal series is tied 2-2.

Jimmy Butler scored 40 points, but it was nothing. The group made 17 appearances in the first quarter and a half of the game, but the Sixers won by that. They even opened 14 points in the final section, the difference falling to 5 with 3:27 on the clock. But two of Harden three shot the duel.

Best time: Philadelphia 76ers 116 x 108 Miami Heat, for NBA Playoffs

Best time: Philadelphia 76ers 116 x 108 Miami Heat, for NBA Playoffs

Joel Embiid contributed 24 points and 11 rebounds, still wearing his mask to prevent damage to the orbital bone in his right eye. Tyrese Maxey had 18 assists for Philadelphia, who shot 14 fewer balls in the game (68-82). However, the performance is better. Especially from the environment, where Miami hit only 20% of 35 shots. (see other numbers below).

Bam Adebayo has 21 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Victor Oladipo added 15, and the sixth-best man of the season, Tyler Herro, joined with just 11 points, plus 10 rebounds. The tournament has become the best of us from now on, with the next tournament to be played in Miami on Tuesday. Game 6 has been confirmed and will be in Philadelphia on Thursday. The Game 7 game will be back in Florida.

James Harden Celebrates Performance – Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

James Harden (31 pts, 7 rebs, 9 asts, 6 baskets from us)
Joel Embiid (24 pts, 11 rebs)
Tyrese Maxey (18 pts, 4 ass)
Tobias Harris (13 pts, 4 ass)
Danny Green (11 pts)
Georges Niang (10 pts)

Jimmy Butler (40 pts, 6 ass)
Bam Adebayo (21 pts, 7 rebs, 4 ass)
Victor Oladipo (15 pts, 3 steals)
Tyler Herro (11 pts, 10 rebs)
Kyle Lowry (6 pts, 7 ass)

James Harden celebrates the theme – Image: Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Sixers 25
heat 24

Sixers 16
heat 13

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Sixers 11
heat 24

Jimmy Butler Shots Danny Green – Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Sixers 34
heating 48

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Sixers 7
gold 7

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Sixers 18
heat 19

Sixers 37/68 (54.4%)
Kub 38/82 (46.3%)

three shots
Sixers 16/33 (48.5%)
Heat 7/35 (20%)

free throw
Sixers 26/34 (76.5%)
Heat 25/28 (89.3%)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

First Season – Sixers 30 to 28: Embiid starts with 15 points, with 5 baskets in 6 trial courts. The first quarter had 13 changes and 8 draw periods. No group led by more than 4 points. The home team scored better, while the Sea scored more in the second half.

Second season – Sixers 34 to 28: Miami only made 4 of 18 first half shots from the environment (22.2%). On the other hand, 9 out of 16 (56.3%). Harden had 13 points in the tie and led the Sixers to an 8-point lead halfway through the half. Butler scored 12 out of 15, the same number as Embiid. Adebayo Support 11. Scores from 64 to 56 in the first half.

Joel Embiid hits the ball with Kyle Lowry – Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Third time – Gold 29 to 25: Adebayo left the court with 4 fouls with 8:24 on the clock. It was then that Butler held the reins and scored 17 points in the split, more than he did in the first half. He was already 32. Miami reacted and closed the gap, even hitting 1 in 10 from around four. Embiid scored 9 points for a total of 24. Scores from 89 to 85.

Fourth Period – Sixers 27 through 23: Harden scored 15 points in their first three seasons together. In the end, he scored 16 more points. Philadelphia opened with 14 points in the final, a difference that fell to 5 with 3:27 on the clock. But two of Harden three shot the duel and set the arena on fire. Two wins on each side, defending them indoors.

Game 1 (02/05) – Kub 106 x 92 Sixers
Game 2 (04/05) – Kub 119 x 103 Sixers
Game 3 (06/05) – Sixers 99 x 79 Kub
Game 4 (05/08) – Sixers 116 x 108 Kub
Game 5 (10/05) – Gold vs Sixers, at 20:30
Game 6 (12/05) – Sixers v Heat at 8 p.m.
Game 7 (15/05) – Heat vs Sixers, Schedule (if necessary)

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