Hamburgueria offers NFT and payment with cryptocurrency

When it comes to NFT, one of the most popular and million-dollar art collections is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with its portraits of redheads. Celebrities like Neymar and Justin Bieber have already spent more than US $ 1 million on paintings.

The impact of tech enthusiasts is that California entrepreneur Andy Nguyen has decided on this wave – investing an additional R $ 1.5 million. He opened the hamburger store exactly a month ago with BAYC-inspired photos and snacks.

According to him, more than 1,500 attendees for the opening of Bored and Hungry (bored and hungry, literally translated) got to know the burger joint that mixes real life with photos. digital, broadcast announcements from the Insider website.

Payment of chips with cryptocurrency

2 - With NFT content art, Hamburgueria receives cryptocurrency payments and publishes photos by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) author - Publish / @JustBorednHungry - Publish / @JustBorednHungry
Photo: Playback / @JustBorednHungry

What is different about the “technology” for the traditional hamburger is that the restaurant borrows money from cryptocurrencies.

Customers can pay with Apecoin, a benefit created by the owners of Bored Ape, or use Ethereum. Credit cards are also accepted, but cash is not.

To commercialize using the Bored Ape Yacht Club design, Nguyen announced the benefits:

  • approximately US $ 267 thousand (R $ 1.37 million currently said) to receive the rights to 6,184 red in collection.
  • between US $ 65 thousand and US $ 75 thousand (R $ 333 thousand and R $ 384 thousand, respectively) in various paintings by Mutant Apes collection, provided by BAYC.

what a restaurant

3 - With NFT content art, Hamburgueria receives cryptocurrency payments and publishes photos by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) author - Publish / @JustBorednHungry - Publish / @JustBorednHungry

Combo comes with hamburger, fries and drinks

Photo: Playback / @JustBorednHungry

Red (and substituted) people are everywhere in the store: on the windowsill, on the wall, on the floor and in the grocery store. All of this makes NFT artworks, which are digitally designed, more visible.

At the beginning, Nguyen’s plan was to have the restaurant temporarily closed after 90 days.

However, it has already been approved to open more sites and is deciding to turn Bored and Hungry into a franchise, the report said.

Good food?

Although the lights are bright and the packaging is beautiful, the restaurant menu is very simple: there are two types of snacks, which can be transformed into a combo with fries and drinks. zib.

to the journalist Britanny Chang, who has visited the place, using BAYC design is a favorite for restaurant and hamburgers do not despair. “My standards are high, but I was surprised by my decision. In return, I should not have, because the snacks were already tried and approved by the public. . “

The snacks are made in collaboration with other brands: Trill Burgers, for beef burgers, and Beleaf Burgers, for vegan sandwiches.

The owners of Bored and Hungry are also concerned about providing quality products. “I come from a restaurant business, so I had to make sure we got a good burger,” Nguyen said.

How much?

The cheapest hamburger costs US $ 13.00 and US $ 15.00 in the combo version. Vegan snacks are a little more expensive, starting at US $ 15.50 for hamburger only or US $ 17.50 for the mix.

For comparison, you can buy a Big Mac in California for US $ 5.11 and a combo for US $ 7.67, with fries and soft drinks.

“The price is higher than fast food like McDonald’s, but you pay for a good burger, good food, and ‘respect’ of a meal on a Bored Ape package,” said Chang. .

Is NFT the future of restaurants?

After this experience, the journalist does not believe that NFTs will be very popular in the global restaurant. However, it is advisable to think of a way to bring art to the real world.

“A lot of people like that [NFTs] only JPEG [extensão de arquivo de imagem]. Well, I took this JPEG that I have and I am building my own brand and business on top of it. It’s more than a picture of my profile, ”Nguyen concluded.

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