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Gustavo Scarpa says his future at Palmeiras remains uncertain. With the contract set until December 31, the midfielder is in talks with the club to renew it, but has yet to agree a deal.

At 28, he has been with Verdão since 2018 and has won seven titles: two Paulistas, one Copa do Brasil, one Brasileirão, two Libertadores and one Recopa Sudamericana. The board has already made the initial request and met with the players ’representatives.

– It’s not sure. We have been talking and looking for the best way for all sides. Each tries to do his best in his quest for approval. Nothing important, “he said ua ge.

Gustavo Scarpa, midfielder for Palmeiras, when the team landed – Photo: Cesar Greco

Shirt 14 says “happy as hell” of Palmeiras, but adds that he still has a dream: to travel to Europe. And age began to weigh heavily on it.

– I never hide the dream I have, and every year it gets harder because of age, but the dream is there to dream and achieve. At the moment, the path is (it will happen), but that is what I know about the future: nothing (laughs) – it’s added.

Scarpa was close to transitioning to Europe at the beginning of 2020, but talks with Almería, from Spain, ended in sourness.

See Gustavo Scarpa goal in the match between Palmeiras and Juazeirense

See Gustavo Scarpa goal in the match between Palmeiras and Juazeirense

After two years of fact, the midfielder realized that the frustration of the deal had been removed by the six-time winner since then.

“We do not know anything about the future. If I look back, I think I’m going to die for Europe, it’s my time. It does not work, but I am doing the best moment in the history of Palmeiras, winning an incredible title, and I am as happy as hell. People may not understand what is happening now, but theology. Time passes and you understand that maybe it is not the time.

Last season, Gustavo Scarpa broke the record for the most games (55) and assists (22) since his arrival at Palmeiras. In 2022, there were 19 games, two goals and three assists.

Gustavo Scarpa during Palmeiras training at Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco

Used both on the left wing and in the frame, the shirt 14 has a lot in it to fit, although it does not hide its preference for play in the middle.

However, Scarpa reiterates the attitude that has become the hallmark of this team: the desire to win.

– I feel like hell with my time. When a team is successful, it is self-supporting, it comes with goals, help, success, and that’s important. But the year is just beginning, we are in the first semester and we are looking for new accomplishments – he pointed out.

-The training staff is very useful for not letting the group stay. And if you identify it cool, we win two Libertadores, but so what? Why do not we earn more? People seem to make good decisions after success, but the mental work they do, the quality of the team and the sense of team is also very good. This makes us uncomfortable, it is most important to win a lot of titles – he concludes.

Palmeiras: a team or a typewriter?

Palmeiras: a team or a typewriter?

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