Gündogan refuses to look at Liverpool Real Real Madrid final: “If I think about it, I’m angry” | Champions League

Manchester City’s removal against the Merengues in the Champions League semi-final has yet to be approved by Ilkay Gündogan. Despite his passion for football, the professional has insisted he will not see the end of Liverpool and Real Madrid on May 28.

İlkay Gündoğan during the return leg against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final – Photo: Jonathan Moscrop / Getty Images

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– If I think about the end in Paris, I’m angry. I was still frustrated, depressed. I will never. I will try to do something else that day, ”he said.

“Nothing really helps, the only thing that will be the time. It gets a little easier, even if you know you do not have a good time to bring gifts. mail daily.

At the Santiago Bernabéu, Guardiola’s side even took two goals in the aggregate (5-3) of the match, but saw a split with two goals from Rodrygo, in the regular time, and one by Benzema, plus. time. Gündogan, who came in halfway through the game, examined the suspension.

“We may not be able to say much to ourselves that we did it wrong, but we finally got two goals in two minutes. We are not there when needed and we are not focused. It is not enough. This is the punishment we place on ourselves.

Gündogan regrets Manchester City’s dismissal after the final whistle. – Photo: Matt McNulty / Getty Images

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The German footballer has won ten trophies in six seasons with City but can bring one more soon. The leaders of the Premier League, the people only depend on themselves to win the title.

The fight, however, remains strong with Liverpool, the vice-champions of the tournament. However, the rivalry between the two teams is still peaceful. For Gündogan, football has changed in recent years.

“This kind of competition does not exist in football today. The game is not like 20, 30 years ago, with people in the area killing each other, trying to hurt each other. “This is not what we want in this game. I want justice, respect. Just because of competition, we do not have to fight one on or off the field,” he concluded. .

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