Greyscale’s $ 1 Trillion Forecast Turns Small: Goldman Sachs Trusts Metaverse’s $ 8 Trillion Position

LUB metaverse He had just arrived on the earth and was being raised to talk. In a statement issued in November last year, the largest investment in cryptocurrencies of the world, the greyscale claimed that the digital world was $ 1 trillion at a time.

However, some investors do not believe that the money was self-propelled, after all the commodities were involved in cryptocurrencies of metaverse for entrepreneurs, e.g. Decentral and Trustfor example, which has, in its composition, the Decentraland cryptocurrency (MANA).

But who carries the ball to the metaverse he is the Goldman Sachswhich is not only doubled though yim bet: analyst Eric Sheridan said metaverse is an opportunity for $ 8 trillion.

“We look at the digital economy today, which is about 20%, 25% of the global market. It needs to continue to grow and, moreover, we see a market that will grow. grows in and with this digital economy, “the analyst described the bank’s forecast of the metaverse in recent episodes of the show”Exchange of Goldman Sachs“, right”Understand Metaverse and Web 3.0”.

For him, the most optimistic forecasts account for a potential price reach $ 12 trillion.

As a matter of fact, it is difficult to show how much the metaverse can grow, even more so in terms of Web 3.0next generation online.

This is because the universe is connected to the cryptocurrencieswhich has the potential for exponential gain, in addition to creating countless more, given that it is a recent world.

everything is what it is

So you do not confuse what it is metaverse including Web 3.0, Here is a small summary:


LUB metaverse nothing more than an expanding digital universe, a concept that includes social, cultural and economic.

On the same platform, it can perform various activities, such as meeting friends, seeing movies, buying art, playing games and many other things that can be done on in the real world use an avatar.

Web 3.0

The first generation of the Internet was a question, with no user interaction. The second stage of the web (where social networks appear) Focus on user experience.

“Of web 3.0 the user can store their content in a blockchain and choose to advertise or not. In the future, the platform will even pay you to become a pillar ”, he said. Rodrigo Zobaran, multi-stakeholder analyst at Kinea.

Source: Kinea

Manager with BRL 56.5 billion in control believes that the ethereum (ETH)and not Bitcoin (BTC)will be important for the design of a edge provided web 3.0.

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