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STEPN platform users can earn Green Metaverse Token (GMT) tokens by performing physical exercises in real life.

Changed the play2earn position (play to win), now it is move2earn’s turn (drive to win).

With Game-Fi, STEPN wants to bring millions of people to a healthier life. For this, it launched a cryptocurrency link to a reward system.

Thus, users who provide themselves with NFTs in the form of sneakers are tracked by GPS features built into the cell phone and can earn GMT token by walking, running or doing other activities.

Crypto can be used on any gaming platform or for any purpose.

The Green Metaverse Token (GMT) was launched on Binance on March 9, 2022 and has been completed 3,100% satisfaction for five days after listing.

Before rushing to buy cryptocurrency, you need to know what STEPN is, what its purpose is and how GMT works.

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What is STEPN and GMT?

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with move2earn style Game-Fi and Social-Fi theme.

Its system is a kind of health and fitness sport, made by Solana (SOL) which offers gifts in the form of tokens for users who practice physical exercises, such as running or walking experience.

To receive this “gift”, the user must first receive a Tennis NFT.

GMT follows in-app controls available in the App Store and Google Play.

The GMTs received in this process are stored in the wallet application, which contains the exchange function.

The player can use the in-app store to rent or sell their NFT sneakers.

GMTs can be used to activate the STEPN app features, vote in polls, or sell at a secondary store.

The project is the brainchild of Discover Satoshi Lab, a fintech studio based in Australia.

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How STEPN works

STEPN is a game that connects the metaverse with the real world, where you can use physical exercises for “I” tokens on the platform.

The project promises to be the first successful “move2earn” on the market.

Physical activity control is done through GPS integration into an application set up by the users of their cell phones.

Although the app is free-to-play, that is, you do not need an NFT to enter the game, to get tokens for your physical users will need to purchase sneakers NFT.

STEPN-compatible tennis NFTs are available on the MagicEden store, Solana network NFTs platform, and priced at R $ 4,000.

There are many different types, styles and models of NFT sneakers.

If you do not have the money to buy NFT sneakers, you can rent them and share the income with the owners.

According to the developers of STEPN, this project aims to empower millions of people to stay healthy, connect them to Web3 and combat climate change.

The app has tons of gamification features such as sneaker leveling, new sneaker coinage, mystery boxes, NFT customization and socialization.

GMT and GST Tokens

In the STEPN ecosystem, there are two symbols:

  • Green Metaverse Token (GMT);
  • Green Satoshi Token (GST).

GST token is a game token and works in STEPN. Unlimited, it is used to supply, repair, and repair shoes and diamonds.

GMT is a control token, which allows users to participate in the development of the platform.

Its resources are limited to 6 billion tokens, which is only 10%, or 600 million, in circulation.

GMT has a market capitalization of $ 342 million and is on the 228th at CoinMarketCap.

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GMT historical value

The STEPN (GMT) token starts on March 9 at Binance for $ 0.01.

On the 13th, the token that supports the practice of physical exercise has already been found to be popular at the market price of US $ 0.44.

On the 17th, it reached US $ 0.80, registering a huge interest on the day of its listing.

GMT token rates change
GMT token value variation. Source: Binance

Where will GMT

STEPN’s native cryptocurrency, the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) was unveiled on Binance by Binance Launchpad, an exchange of token releases.

Currently, Binance is the only major exchange to set plans.

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How to get started with the STEPN app and get the most out of it

In order to start benefiting from walking and running, users must first download the STEPN app available for Android and IOS.

then it is necessary subscribe at STEPN with your email address and confirm with a verification number.

Buy NFT and get the prize, you want create a new in-app wallet.

With wallet design, Convert cryptocurrencies Solana (SOL) for your in-app wallet to buy NFT sneakers from Marketplace.

Be sure to keep some SOL fuel in your wallet.

Rau buy NFT sneakersGo to the Marketplace in-app and select the one you like.

Then, just start your campaign with my GMT tokens, which will be taken to your in-app wallet.

Is the STEPN Green Metaverse Token (GMT) eligible?

STEPN is a project that wants to be the most successful in the industry.

To receive the prize, users must participate in activities such as running or hiking.

Although it is a relatively new concept and the token was well received early on, this is a new venture that can pose a risk to traders who do not understand the dangers of this market and how new tokens work.

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