Google unveils new glass that defines conversations in real time

Google returns to project with smart glasses

Google returns to project with smart glasses

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A decade after the debut of Google Glass, a pair of glasses that photographed what users see but raised privacy concerns and received low scores for its design, the The platform has introduced a new direction of segmentation, with new products with greater visibility. and be able to present the interpretation of the conversation in real time.

Eddie Chung, Google’s Chief Product Officer, said: “We’ve been working on a technology that allows us to crack down on unsolicited information, over the years. of searching Google Translate and bringing it to the mirror, “said Eddie Chung, director of product management at Google, calling the feature” subtitles for the world. “

Google also announced the tablet to be announced in 2023 and the smartwatch that will go on sale later this year, presenting the idea to compare the product to Apple.

Google Pixel Watch has finally been announced for late 2022

Google Pixel Watch has finally been announced for late 2022

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But Google’s hardware industry remains small, with its share of the global smartphone industry, for example, down less than 1%, according to research firm IDC.

The unveiling of the new glass reflects the company’s cautious growth. When Google Glass was unveiled at the company’s 2012 developer conference, skydivers used it to live-stream from the San Francisco venue, with the company receiving special removals for stunts. .

At the moment, Google only sees a video of the model, which provides translation for conversation in English, Mandarin, Spanish and American Sign Language.

The company did not give a release date or immediately confirm that the device does not have a built-in camera.

The tablet reversed Google’s decision three years ago to halt production of its own after-sales sale of just 500,000 units, according to IDC.

The new tablets meet customer satisfaction and have been announced in advance to inform customers of alternative ways, said Rick Osterloh, Google senior director of products and services, said. for journalists.

He added that the Pixel Watch, which will not be compatible with iPhones, will appeal to non-Fitbit users, which Google bought last year for $ 2.1 billion.

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