Google unveils 10 new features for Android, search engine and more; why is it important – 05/12/2022

Google unveiled yesterday (11) at its annual conference Google I / O 2022 updates for Android, updates on other platforms (including search engines) and new products – phones at hands and headphones are some of them.

The purpose of the changes, according to the company, is to improve service delivery and streamline operations to meet people’s needs. Many are even formerly demanded by their users.

Here is a list of key points and why they are important in your life – and not just for Android users.

1. Android 13

Among the updates that Android 13 will have, Google has invested in improvements in the area of:

Security and privacy: The new process will include new controls – ‘photos and videos’ and ‘music and audio’ – and will allow the user to select specific files to share in an app, not all media libraries. The number of apps that ask for access points will be reduced.

Interface and function: The system will get different colors, new application icons and greater integration of devices – this will make Android talk better with other devices, such as tablets, headphones and home appliances, including from other brands.

Digital wallet: Existing Google Pay will pave the way for greater fulfillment of mobile payments and bank information with the Google Wallet feature, which adds financial functionality such as credit. card, will allow the content of special information such as traffic penalty, ticket, immunization card, etc.

Why it is important: the changes will provide better experience for consumers, as well as security and privacy. Android 13 has already been released to developers and updates should arrive slowly, first for new phones.

2 – New Google Pixel 6a phone

Google’s flagship smartphone is the newest mid-range Pixel 6a cell phone. Among the most important tools are the simultaneous translation and refinement of the camera.

Edit photos easily: With the help of intelligent technology, the phone can remove objects from one place and improve the visual image without the need for additional apps.

Fidelity for different skin: Another special announcement – and long-awaited one – is the promise of greater color fidelity of human skin tone and images captured by Google’s smartphone camera.

Why it is important: These updates will improve the user experience while using the resources, in addition to supporting the importance of a variety of technologies that do not discriminate against people.

Other product launches: The company also provided a preview of the Pixel line of products that will be announced in the second half of the year. These include the Google Pixel Watch, the new Google Pixel Buds Pro headset, Pixel Tablet and the high-end smartphones Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. No insect repellent is sold in Brazil.

3. Search

The company has invested in improving the reliability of paints in other services. One of them is the search, along with the Monk Scale feature. It will provide fresh filters with a variety of different skin types.

Why it is important: the goal is to make it easier to find the best results for everyone based on their skin type. It is possible to configure, for example, so that the search for images can lead to darker skin in situations where seeking makeup tips.

4. New Google Translate

The company announced that its translation service will be available in 24 new languages ​​(up from 133 last week). Among the new languages ​​is Guarani, a language spoken by indigenous peoples of seven million people around the world, many of them in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The languages ​​of Quechua and Aymara, spoken by peoples of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina may also be added. Outside of Latin America, Google adds krio, a language of Sierra Leonean English, Lingala (spoken by 45 million people in Central Africa) and mizo, spoken by 800,000 people in northern India .

Why it is important: The growth of the number of words in the translation service reduces the distance between people, allows access to information, especially for people living separately, since the investment content online and for free.

5. More understanding of Google Maps

Anyone accessing Maps will be able to access different areas of daytime and weather, enter restaurants to “feel” the energy of the area and fly across different parts of the city. The idea is to bring the new Maps closer to Google Earth.

Why it is important: This distraction can affect the way people decide where they live, they visit tourists, even choosing shops and restaurants, allowing them to visit places. before moving. It will also improve the way people plan their journey, especially when traveling.

Immersive Vision will begin in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year. Other cities need to be included soon, according to Google.

6. Search engine with text, audio and image

Called Multisearch, this update brings improvements to the way we search Google content. In other words, it will allow searching with images, text and voice at the same time.

Why it is important: The function allows people to find important information from what they see, hear and know in one click. It could be, for example, taking a picture, or a screenshot, and adding the “near me” option. With this, people will find options for restaurants or shops nearby that have what they are looking for.

With more search, Google also plans to release “search scenes”, so that the user can see the information about the objects in a particular situation, using Lens.

Modifications to this tool will also allow anyone to request that their personal information be removed from a search.

7. Secure and confidential

Every Google Account user will receive access to the two-step verification process – more than 150 million people signed up last year – an extra layer of security for access go to online services.

In addition, the company is introducing a Security Assistance feature, with warning signs in the user profile picture and directions to improve security.

Regarding online payment, when using the autofill feature, at the time of purchase, Google will replace the actual card with a virtual one, which will be different for each transaction.

Why it is important: Actions to reduce the number of phishing and malware attacks on the platform services.

8. Translation and automatic generation of chapters for movies

YouTube has not released any news this year. One of them will be able to get audio translations of videos into 16 languages. Until now, the special offer is only available to users of the app on cell phones.

Why it is important: The This project will expand access to multimedia content – lectures, classes, presentations – in multiple languages.

Google has also improved the ability to create chapters, which allows you to jump through different types of videos.

9. Decide whether you will receive ads

Google will announce, later this year, My Ad Center. The feature will give you more control over ad preferences. That is, people will be able to choose whether to remove certain types of advertising or whether they want to see more.

why is important: This is a recurring request from platform users. Now, people will be able to get advertising according to their interests, through a selection of groups and companies.

10. Improve the workplace

Dialogue and discussion will get a function called ‘content’ – already available for Docs- – for individual and group discussions, allowing people to get content on their projects interview.

In addition to the content, the conference will allow for the recording of meetings, and will receive audio and visual enhancements, connections and sharing of advanced content.

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