Good News About Food Delivery

I have written about the disadvantages of companies that carry food or prepare food to our doorstep, such as Instacart and Uber Eats. Delivering new food based App affects our communities and creates punishment for employees.

But today I want to focus on the advantages of submitting apps. New research published by the Brookings Institution has found that app companies are making new food for millions of low-income Americans who can not afford it easily.

While scientists acknowledge problems with food delivery, the two tests published Wednesday are usually a reflection of the notion that these services are often the way to go for people with benefits to save time and avoid problems while causing high costs to our communities. Shipping can be that, but they also have the freedom to enter and purchase new food.

In general, Brookings research is an acknowledgment of the notion that good can come from changing technology, and calls for action to develop new technologies to make them work better. again for all Africans.

Let us dig into the details. The Biggest Excerpt from a Study by Caroline George and Adie Tomer: Approximately 90 percent of Americans who live in what is sometimes called “food deserts” have access to certain foods. At least one in four digital food delivery services in the study. Desert food is usually defined as a lower-income area where some residents live longer than a short walk or 20-mile drive from the main building.

Tomer told me, “We are not Pollyanna here, but these four services deserve to be rewarded,” Tomer told me. “These services have boundaries everywhere, and where they are not more of a regional story than income, race or other demographics.”

The survey looked at new shipments from Amazon Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, Instacart, Uber Eats and Walmart. (The New York Times director, Meredith Kopit Levien, is a member of the Instacart board.)

Near the mall or there is a grocery store Instacart available through the app does not help if food is not available, which is the main cause of famine in America.

But George and Tomer also found that low-income families were ordering supplies, and that further increases occurred in the last two years, after the U.S. government expanded the potential of the Americans who use benefits, such as the Supplemental Food Service. Program, or food stamps, to buy food online.

Brookings analysts have some concerns about food delivery, too. People in rural areas may be far from new stores and need more of these services, but surveys show that they are less likely than people in urban areas to have access to new services. options. Lack of internet access and doubt the quality of the food offered by the delivery services is also a barrier to access to the food online.

It is not clear what would happen if these app services were more popular. Brookings analysts say that shipments can cause problems with American food, in part because shipments often cost more than buying fresh produce in-store. Or, submitting apps can be part of the solution.

The message from the research is that developers and the public need to fix these apps not just as a new concept, but as part of the US diet, one that should help us. everyone and care for our communities, our employees, the environment and our business.

“Because the digital food process is still evolving, now is the best time to develop policies that promote positive public outcomes,” the researchers wrote.

Their policy guidelines include allowing food stamps to cover shipping costs and other additional costs of online ordering, expanding the experiment to other government benefits to include online purchases and experiment with government funding for online services, so that more people can access it.

Brookings Analysis also said that more research is needed to understand the impact of all forms of digital transformation, including the delivery of apps, automation in agriculture and food, Technology for food safety tracking and computerized computer testing.

It is a key word. Technology is not something that just happens to us. He needs to have the right and smart rules to use technology and use it to achieve what we want.

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