Globo hit SBT and resumed Libertadores rights to Open TV

with Marcel Rizzo

Globo has been given the right to broadcast Libertadores on Open TV from 2023 onwards after winning the competition held by Conmebol. On TV Close, ESPN and Paramount brought two packages that included all of the games in the tournament. The OneFootball website has gained prominence.

The decision was approved by the Conmebol Council at its Thursday afternoon meeting (12). It is the culmination of a series of competitions conducted by FC Diez, a partner of the organization. There is a jump in total revenue: Conmebol will raise US $ 1.5 billion to the Libertadores cycle in four years with the rights of Brazil and South America.

Conmebol and the organization decided to divide the rights of the Libertadores and Sul-Americana into four packages each. There is one for Turn on TV, two for Turn off TV and one for highlighting. The photos are produced by Conmebol itself.

In the case of TV Aberta, Globo and SBT moved to second round. The media carioca, in its application, has promised to inform Libertadores supporters in its transmission, in an unprecedented measure. And win the race to resume the race after breaking the previous contract. SBT was betting on the trump card of saved Conmebol when Globo canceled his previous contract: he got the right of Libertadores for three years.

There is a heavy competition for Closed TV packages with multiple competitors. At the end of the first round, ESPN (Disney), Paramount and Amazon came out on a second dispute. ESPN, which is already right, took a package, and Paramount for something else. The OneFootball website brings the importance of competition.

Globo’s return to Libertadores will take about a year and a half after the media broke the Conmebol contract. During the outbreak, the broadcaster warned the agency that it wanted to cut the deal in order to reduce the price. The South American confederation, however, decided to choose another broadcast station, in this case SBT.

In addition, Conmebol sued Globo for damages for breach of contract. The ruling took place in a Swiss court of law. Finally, there was an agreement for carioca radio to pay around US $ 40 million to Conmebol as payment. So, it can be part of the challenge again.

Later, Globo decides to restart the Libertadores strategy. It was broadcast on Open TV and Close TV. But he was out of competition on TV Close.

ESPN retains the rules it already has for Libertadores, while the new one is Paramount. Channel Mission is rock solid with its Paramount + streaming feature. Both stations will host 155 Libertadores.

With today’s theme, Globo and ESPN have the right to announce the Copa Libertadores final, when values can send the VT. The Recopa, which allows the Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana champions to face it, will be broadcast from Rio de Janeiro station and through the closed channel of Disney Group.

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