Global Investment in Digital Marketing Expected to Grow 14.7% in 2022 | Business News

According to research, the predictions of AI and digital platforms will increase further this year; Experts highlight the importance of using Web 3.0 tools in the industry

With each passing year, new trends have emerged for the digital industry, with the emergence of technology advancing themselves as a solution to the new “diseases” brought by the industry. company. This means that regional investment continues to rise further, season after season: as projected by the CMO Research, there will be an average growth rate of 14.7% in inflation. Investment in digital marketing this year 2021 worldwide, compared to only 5% in the “offline” industry.

According to the same study, in order to utilize these funds, companies will focus on four key services: website improvement (77.4%), paid advertising and SEO (69). %), data analytics and AI (65.7%), digital platforms and other technology. (61.6%). This panorama is an indication that Web 3.0 (or Web3) seems to be more powerful in this area.

According to experts, Web 3.0 has gradually shifted to the second generation of the Internet – beginning at the beginning of the millennium and behavior through the use of social media -, giving users control. Respect more data generated in the network, waste of resources. of complex operating systems and store data in decentralized cloud. The new system is based on one of its pillars using blockchain technology, which acts as an online developer that carries data links and allows tracking of sending and receiving. Some types of information online.

The Web 3.0 tools that are slowly making their way into the digital business are changing, which, according to a recent estimate made by financial group Goldman Sachs, could move. about US $ 8 trillion (approximately R $ 40 trillion) per year. – The best value counts with a potential value of up to US $ 12 trillion (something around 60 trillion).

For company analyst Eric Sheridan, “[A economia digital] “We need to grow, and in addition, we see a metaverse industry that will grow in and with this digital economy.” The metaverse estimation in the study is called “Understanding the Metaverse and the Web 3.0”.

New tools like increased traction

Web search tools are slowly gaining ground in the digital industry. For Diego Ortiz, CEO of Verse, a company focused on developing digital marketing strategies in this area, this connection is vital and a must-have in the real estate market. for the next year. “Today, what we have seen is an almost invisible change between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, where we have already seen the media and web pages being used to create ‘buzz’, collaboration and communities around businesses and information in the digital space. “

For leaders, digital marketing, the attitude of “communicating effectively to the victims, at the same time, with the right message and in the right way”, creates collaboration and change. change, like to be strong with Web 3.0 tools as an alternative. . and pay to earn games.

“It has the ability, in this new concept, to create landing pages for new job postings and capture traffic and information, as well as create community ads such as as Discord and Twitter to create and support communities for jobs ”, says Ortiz. The CEO announcement is based on research conducted by eMarketer, indicating that, by 2022, 83% of CEOs plan to increase their investment in digital.

According to Verse’s CEO, the metaverse, in this sense, can be set up as one of the best contracts to implement in the context of Web 3.0. “Improving strategies to develop products or products and interactions in communities created by this platform is a possibility that we have not yet been able to measure the impact of them. applications “, he pointed out. “It’s all about resemblance and interaction,” he concludes.

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Global Investment in Digital Marketing Expected to Grow 14.7% in 2022 |  Business News


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