Ginga co-founded blockchain marketing DAO

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Peb 9, 2022 – 12:28 pm

Gira.Dao was created by members of Agência Ginga (Credit: Lana Pinho)

The Ginga Partnership announces the development of the Gira.DAO, a business model of collaboration and collaboration – in a blockchain system – focused on the realm of communications and industry. In a nutshell, the DAO – or Decentralized and Autonomous Organization – is a system of operations and governance that reflects the vision, independence and rights of its members.

“DAO is a new concept that comes from the web 3.0 culture. It’s a great collaboration. Everyone who is part of the ecosystem has access to the results, can Update quickly, online, and participate in decision-making.This form of governance and governance may be the future of any company and, perhaps, even of the city and state. “, explains Pedro Del Priore, one of the founders. Besides him, Gira was created by Paulo Martinez and Marcos Brabo.

In the Gira.DAO ecosystem, four companies operate in different types of distribution networks: Ginga, the advertising agency; Diva, a company specializing in innovation, digital transformation and Customer Experience (CX); Signa, branding, design and User Experience (UX) consulting; and, the new, Trespontozero.IO, a discussion on the study, design and implementation of Web 3.0 projects.

Initially, according to the partners, Gira.DAO will be formed by 150 employees, which will have different levels of participation in business decisions. For Del Priore, management systems will be collaborative, often, in the interest and acquisition of new skills, in addition to promoting multiple perspectives on the work.

“The good value it will create for the users is more people and profiles that will be involved in the work. All this adds to greater agility, since the system will automate some processes. happens to be a job that is richer and more connected to people, ”he added.

Marcos Brabo, one of the partners of Gira.DAO, said the new model provides the mark of significant change for the communications and communications industry. “We bring to market products that affect culture in the way we operate, where we can look at them in a broader way,” he said.

Web 3.0 Chat

With the consultation of Trespontozero.IO, the partners want consumers to be able to focus on digital change and how much technology change will be, in the In the long run, change management standards. According to Paulo Martinez, the prototype shows that Web 3.0 will be the model for connectivity and the company’s vision is to pave the way for this new world.

“It’s a new digital transition. Our valuable strategy is to help brands and people with whom they interact understand and travel the world. We understand that the concept of data decentralization, of ‘tokenized’ savings, where a company and a project can participate, is beneficial to these types of products “, Martinez concludes.

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