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After selling millions of units on NFTs and attracting thousands of people in a simple fundraiser, the “play-for-money” game “F1 Delta Time” was immediately announced on its operations in March. 15th. About 24 hours later, the game went offline, making the product associated with it useless and worthless, and highlighting the high risk of investing in this genre.

Announced in 2019, the Animoca Brands game is one of the first NFT licenses (non-fungible token, which serves as a type of certification of members connected to digital products) as a game. who knows.

To start playing, you must buy at least three NFTs: the driver, the car and the tires. Since then, players can use this virtual product to compete in tournaments and win prizes in the cryptocurrency game, called REVV, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or used to buy better equipment (NFTs).

Sponsored by the main motorsport of the world motorsport, the game seems to achieve the “play-to-get” title, despite having a very simple sport – the car can control with three keys (tight, stop and turbo). According to cryptocurrency website Decrypt, the car in the game called “1-1-1” is the most expensive NFT sold in 2019, at a fraction of the time for US $ 110,000.

In the coming years, big new deals were made in the game. In March 2021, for example, Animoca Brands announced the sale of the NFT auction of cars in celebration of the 70th anniversary of F1. The goods were valued at 987 thousand REVV, or US $ 265 thousand (R $ 1.2 million) at the exchange rate of virtual currency at the time.

Just a year later, however, the company announced that it could no longer fight with F1 to renew its license and “F1 Delta Time” was no longer available.

“We would like to thank our fans and players for their loyalty over the last three years. You have allowed us to develop a new kind of game and contribute to the root of many blockchain games, now and in the future, “said Animoca Hom.

In return, the company provided the in-game products that lost their value to the profits in the game “REVV Racing”, one of their “competitive” names. play-to-get “.

Even when NFTs interfere with play by large manufacturers there is a risk of rapid and unforeseen declines. On April 5, Ubisoft announced that it would not be modifying or adding additional content to “Ghost Recon Breakpoint”, one of the first games to use technology. The move is considered to be the symbol of the beginning of the end for the online game.

On the game page of Ubisoft Quartz, the company’s NFT trading platform, comments were included indicating that new NFT products will not be released to the public. With it, thanks to the players who bought the digital product: “you have a part of the game and you have placed your character on its history”.

It is not today that experts warn of the risks of using NFTs associated with virtual gaming as an investment tool. The events of “F1 Delta Time” and “Ghost Recon Breakpoint” serve as a new warning to players not to see their money lost at night.

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Weird West

(PC, Xbox One and PS4)

Set in the supernatural version of American Wild West, “Weird West” is a new RPG action game. The title debut from WolfEye studio, which brings together former Arkane staff, provides the freedom of “immersive sims” like “Dishonored” and “Prey” along with the gameplay of “twin stick shooters” such as Like “Enter the Gungeon” and “The Ascent.”, all of these stitched together a surprising and creative story. The game is available on Xbox Game Pass, so if you sign up, there is no reason not to try it.


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  • SNK, the Japanese developer of classic arcade games like “Metal Slug” and the battle “King of Fighters”, is owned almost entirely by Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. According to The Verge, 96.2% of SNK shares were acquired by Electronic Gaming Development Company, a company wholly owned by the Saudi monarchy.
  • Devolver Digital released a video later this year of its new title in entertainment’s “Monkey Island”. “Back to Monkey Island” has been under development for two years by Ron Gilbert, creator of the series, and is expected to continue the story of “Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge”, by of 1991. The last game in the franchise was “Tales of Monkey Island”, released in 2009.
  • A new game in the “Tomb Raider” series is in the production of Crystal Dynamics. The event took place during an Epic Games event about its Unreal Engine 5 game development platform.The game was designed using new tools, which promised that the graphics would be more realistic. .
  • Entertainment Entertainment has announced the start of a partnership with Rockstar to develop the first games in the Max Payne franchise: “Max Payne” and “Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne”. According to the company, Rockstar, which owns the rights to the series, will be responsible for funding the project.

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apr 12

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  • “Cat Cafe Manager”: BRL 37.99 (Replacement), price no (PC)

  • “No one can save the world”: No Price (PS 4/5)

  • “Route 96”: Price not included (PS 4/5 and Xbox One / X / S)

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