Gabriel Medina uses the NFT rich man of “man” Neymar on the new board

Our world champion Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina announced on his Instagram that one of his new boards will have one of the Bored Apes stamped on it – only one of the NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) will come. of Neymar before this year.

In January, athlete Neymar Jr. used BRL 6.2 million to get two artwork from the NFTs collection (Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the favorite.

Athletes purchase BAYC # 5269 for 198.69 ETH and BAYC # 6633 for 159.99 ETH. The latter published the shirt of the protester, his profile on Twitter and now his friend’s board.

Medina presented the board with a red chewing gum and a small hat for her birthday this Friday (15) on her Instagram profile, along with two boards.

Neymar’s adventure in the crypto world

By November 2021, Neymar had already entered the market by creating his own collection of NFTs in collaboration with the NFTSTAR industry.

The company stated that at the time the player will be working with the NFTSTAR creative team to create digital scripts, including videos, videos and other recorded images, in the form of text of NFTs, the importance of athletes’ careers and personal development.

The Bitcoin Portal identifies the activities of Neymar’s wallet.

Portfolio 1: EneJay

The first wallet known to be available to Neymar was 0xb4c2… cb57, linked to its “EneJay” authentication number on OpenSea, the largest platform in the NFTs business platform.

In addition to BAYC # 5269 and # 6633 that Neymar bought for 358.68 ETH (approximately R $ 6.2 million at the time of purchase), the player also received NFT from the HAPE PRIME collection at the end of January.

Portfolio 2: EneJayVoult

The second wallet belonging to Neymar is 0xc450… 7a5d, linked to the “EneJayVoult” account on OpenSea. Although the account has not been verified on the platform, it can be said that he is a player since he got two Bored Apes bought in January.

Although the account has more than 480 NFTs on OpenSea, only two BAYC trades from its main account are Neymar’s investments. As its name suggests, the second account seems to be the player “vault” of the NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

NFT is a blockchain-based token that authenticates ownership and authentication of digital objects such as images and video files. Generally speaking, NFT adheres to a contract that proves ownership of digital and infrequent internet devices.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is the most popular collection of NFTs on the market, thanks to the support of a large community of performers and athletes who until then did not. join the crypto world.

The collection of NFTs was created by the Ethereum blockchain by Yuga Labs and generated over $ 1 billion in second-hand sales. Despite moving a lot of money, the BAYC community is small: only 10,000 NFTs from collection in the world.

It is in fact a shortage of equipment that makes Bored Ape’s NFTs so expensive in the market. Celebrity promotion is also another important factor in understanding celebrity writing.

Among the most popular are TV presenter Jimmy Fallon, rappers like Eminem and Post Malone, and athletes like Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, and now, son Ney.

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