FTX Unveils R $ 11 Billion Investment in Web 3.0

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX, through its capital portfolio, FTX Ventures, announces a partnership for investments focused on Web 3.0. The new R $ 11 billion will be led by Amy Wu, former Member of Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Amy addresses tier 1 and tier 2 blockchain platforms as potential investments, including blockchain infrastructure and cross-chain protocols, as well as wallet applications.

In other words, it will be a wide range of investments in the cryptocurrency space, including plans for multicultural areas, including start-up capital in Latin America and Africa.

“When I look at which companies can have the biggest impact on the industry, but also the world,” he told Decrypt, “I think FTX is one of the biggest implications that I have. have been willing to work with. ”

With Wu moving to a new FTX headquarters in the Bahamas, FTX Ventures will start with a team of eight, including five dealers. He said the team’s capital model is “from the developers, to the developers” and will build on FTX’s increased global reach and capabilities.

In addition to FTX Ventures, Wu will also lead the sports industry company. Recreation is important to Wu of Lightspeed. In addition to the money mentioned above, the company also invested in Fortnite developer Epic Games and Slipgate developer 1047 Games, among others.

Wu saw potential advancement for games with blockchain technology and NFTs. The director recently tweeted that “every major game publisher is exploring the blockchain.”

“We are very pleased that over time, as free-to-play and mobile games have developed a real control, we will see the next step in the transformation of Web3 games. one thing, “Wu said.

FTX development

In less than three years, FTX has become one of the most profitable and recognized companies in the crypto industry. The manager said he hopes to continue the company’s growth.

“FTX is still a growing player in the cryptocurrency industry, and cryptocurrencies themselves are still in their infancy. It is only a small part of the global financial market. Enough for FTX to grow. And so I have no doubt that the company will continue to go its own way – very excited about that. “-He said.

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