From NFT to a video recording, find out what the participants in the career plan are behind the actual show

Life goes on “BBB 22” Participants who, after the end of the letter, are taking advantage of the partnership to support their professional work. There are those who have focused on broadcasting, those who have invested in NFTs and those who have got into their music business for good. Identify the plans of some of the participants after the fact:

Arthur Aguiar: Do you want more followers?
The winner of “BBB 22” will invest heavily in his music career. As reported by EXTRA, it is expected to release its new EP in the middle of May. Written before the closing, the project will present two works that have already been released and will also feature two unreleased songs. Arthur will also be recording a show with the participation of musicians who participated in the experiment.

Arthur Aguiar, actor, singer and BBB22 participantArthur Aguiar, BBB22 winner. Photo: Playback / Instagram

Pedro Scooby: Do you want more followers?
A favorite of the public, Scooby joins the bandwagon of NFTs. Passenger will place up to 30,000 tokens for sale on the Idol-NFT platform, which will provide great value to customers, which has yet to be announced. Pedro Scooby also announced a partnership with Australian surfwear brand Quiksilver.

Paulo Andre
It is not yet clear if the athlete will return to action this year. His father and coach, Carlos Camilo, have already expressed the desire to return as soon as possible. In a press conference on Wednesday (27), the day after the “BBB 22” final, the PA made it clear that he wanted to continue his career in the sport.

The highlight of the year for him is the Eugene World Championship in Oregon (USA), which takes place from July 15 to 24, but to join, he has to reach the set established from World Games in all competitions. The last session will be at the Troféu Brasil, June 23-26, in Rio.

Paulo André took the ranking of new followers on InstagramPaulo André is the host of BBB 22. Photo: Post / Instagram

Douglas Silva
Everything shows that the 33-year-old carioca should continue his acting career, which began in the film “City of God”, in 2001. The third in “BBB 22”, he will continue to complete the show later in the day and will be televised on “Domingão”, with Luciano Huck, this Sunday (1/5). The success of the relationship, the eldest daughter of DG, Maria Flor, 10 years old, even received an invitation to work in television.

Naiara Azevedo
The singer has returned to the ranks of concerts since leaving “most viewed houses in Brazil”. Since its closure, it has released songs from the new single “As Truth”, now available for streaming. In addition to music, “Nanacita” now and then broadcasts to more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

Jade Picon
The influencer also made his announcement: April 20, for example, he set up with the new Qatar World Cup package for this type of sport. He is also ahead of his clothing brand, Jade², but he will be working soon, as he has expressed his desire to work as a broadcaster and has predicted in this role ever since. it leaves in “BBB 22”.

Natalia Deodato
Nail designer before joining the show, Natalia was happy with her promise after becoming famous. She participated in the Beija-Flor parade at the Rio Carnival and, last Tuesday (26), posted on her instagram the live music video, without giving further details.

Natalia walks in Beija-FlorNatália parades from Beija-Flor. Photo: Playback / Twitter

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