From Matic to Celik if he calls them. When he called Messi-

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Video Call to Leo: “Where you are, but if one day you find yourself sick …”

Mou dominates Roma market It’s a mortgage on a purchase. He calls the dissolving player. And they show the appointment with the signature in the evening dress, a traditional candlelit dinner. Fall in love Like Matic, the Serbian giant who looks like James Bond and represents the first real big offensive in the Italian market. He used to be close to Juve, then he was welcomed by Fiorentina, but the charm of his teacher, José, made a difference. The two have worked together at Chelsea and United, with a strong bond in the future. When Matic decides to resign, there will be a place if he wants the Special Staff. He could stay in the Premier League at Fulham, they made him a richer and longer contract, but no wonder the power of magnetic charm.

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A call from Mourinho was enough to warm the heart of Celik, the Turkish winger who pushed like crazy into a Lille jewelry store. Fiorentina changed earlier, they worked with the French to reduce their demands, but then JM arrived: “Hello Celik? I want you in Roma! ” And the player blocked all other interested clubs to answer the call. Negotiations must open and, of course, close here, the task falls to another Portuguese.Tiago Pinto is effective in achieving goals without wasting millions and adhering to the requirements of financially fair play. In this operation, Roma performs at home: the match with Lille is completed without a plane or train. The interlocutor is actually Roman. His name is Alessandro Barnaba. Hands and power of the most fashionable club in Ligue1.

Mourinho has already spoken to Frattesi del Sassuolo to bring him back to where he grew up and identify Berardi as Zaniolo’s replacement. The encounter with Juve could be hot: if Zaniolo does not continue and go to Juve, Berardi will be a yellow and red player, but at the same time winger Sassuolo could end directly from Allegri, blocking Sell ​​Nicolò is declining. Doors.

Meanwhile, Mou is on vacation and preparing a new video call or whatsapp message to persuade the next purchase.. As he did about eight years ago when he was coaching Chelsea and was told Messi wanted to leave Barcelona and work with him. A face-to-face phone call was made and the witness was startled. Mourinho began by introducing him to stay where he remains as the undisputed symbol and the undisputed king. Leo thinks of jokes. But immediately shot to the heart. “If one day you get up to go to the field to trainGo for breakfast and coffee no longer tastes the same, the sky turns gray, makes the way home, feels sad, misses the joy, unhappy family in the dark and dark times. Your life … Yes, you will have to open the door to happiness again. And behind that door, who are you going to find? “You will find me Jose Mourinho waiting for you!”. And look forward to today for the new dream holder for his Rome.

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