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Despite missing the World Cup for many years Maserati’s history in motorcycle racing It’s scary.

For many, Maserati is an Italian “tea” brand that produces cars that combine speed, sound, comfort and luxury in a single car. Others will know that the House of the Trident has been owned by Ferrari for many years, and others still remember some cars from the past, such as the Biturbo, the Bora, the Sebring or the Quattroporte series.

However, Maserati has more to offer, so the history of this famous Italian brand is closely linked to something that has little to do with Trident: the Motor sports. In fact, Maserati was born with Motorsport in its veins, made for the first year and only for race cars. Hence the proclamation ofMaserati enters Formula E from 2023 It’s not surprising: the relationship between Trident and the race is durable and strong. Before talking about the future that awaits Trident in the electric series. We recall Maserati’s history in motorcycle sports Finding an episode that probably not everyone remembers.

Maserati’s debut in motorcycle racing: from Alfieri’s first victory to Tipo 26

Maserati’s history is closely linked to the family that built this house, i Maserati Exactly. In fact, Rodolfo Maserati from Voghera did not expect that after moving to Bologna, his seven children ended up working in a small race car workshop.

Alfieri Maserati, the machine-obsessed brother, actually held the same workshop on Day 1.December 1914Racing car development based on Isotta Fraschini. After the first year of Alfieri pursuing a competitive entrepreneurial career with excellent results between the ages of 10 and 20, a five-year waiver imposed on him in 1924 persuaded the founder to dedicate his soul to His fleeing company. . And it’s in fact 1926 Who came The first model made entirely by Maserati, Tipo 26. Equipped with a 1.5 8-cylinder in-line engine with volumetric compressor and from DiattoTipo 26 was also the first Maserati to feature the Trident logo on the grid. Credit to Maserati’s only non-engineering professional. Mario. Mario Maserati is, in fact, an artist, painter and sculptor, inspired by his brother Alfieri. Draw the legendary TridentWhich pays homage to the statue of Neptune at the same square in Bologna.

Maserati and motorsport: move to Orsi management and transfer from Bologna to Modena

Tipo 26 became a great race car that immediately got a car. Ninth place along with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel in 1926 Targa Florio. However, for the first success needed to wait for the 1927 Tripoli Grand Prix in Italy, Libya, and then other prestigious victories arrived, such as 1000 km from Buenos Aires and the Nurburgring. . Maserati’s name started very early in the world of motors, but in 1932 There was an event that changed the history of the house.

In that year c. Alfieri Maserati morAfter having complications for kidney surgery due to an accident that happened to him in 1927. The house was inherited by his three brothers, Bindo, Ettore and Ernesto.. However, the three lacked their brother’s entrepreneurial spirit, and five years later in 1937Forced Sells Maserati to Modenese steelmaker Adolfo Orsi. Orsi offered the three Maserati brothers to stay in the company as consultants for 10 years and made a decision that changed Maserati’s history forever. Orsi actually moved Maserati headquarters from Bologna to ModenaThe fact that a decade later will make it a big rival to the Ferrari brothers, meanwhile, is determined to make a name for itself in the racing world before the outbreak of World War II with the Cavallino brand in On the Alfa Romeos at the time.

After the arrival of Orsi Maserati continued the race and even participated in more races. Since 1937, Maserati has achieved many successes and the first great popularity in motorcycle sports.From endurance races like the Mille Miglia, the 1000km race and even in the Grand Prix. However, great international success has come 1939When beautiful 8CTF Maserati The House of Modena goes into the history of machines. The Grand Prix single-seater is powered by a three-cylinder, three-liter engine with two 370 hp compressors, and was introduced in 1939. The first and only Italian car capable of winning the Indianapolis 500. In fact, the Maserati 8CTF is controllable. Win 500 Miglia for two consecutive years in 1939 and 1940With Americans on Wheels Wilbur Shaw.

8CTF Maserati

After these victories, as imagined, the racing world ceased due to the outbreak of World War II. Maserati was involved in the production of spark plugs and batteries for military vehicles, hoping to end the conflict so it could go backwards. After the end of the war, Modena immediately reopened with its first Gran Turismo. A6 1500 of 1947. This elegant berlinetta, which is Maserati strada firstAvailable with a racing “suit” he quickly scored with Alberto Ascari On the Modena circuit in 1947. Also in 1947 the Maserati brothers left their company.And created OSCAWhich is another smart race car manufacturer. But that’s the story for another article.

Maserati climax in motorcycle racing: Formula 1 landing and two world championships

Adolfo Orsi, left alone as chairman, decided that the Maserati had to compete at the highest level of the motorcycle world. Recipe 1. Maserati is one of the founders of the first Formula 1 World Championships in 1950Which is a bitter rival of the Ferrari compatriots. At the beginning of Formula 1, there were all three Italian road races between Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.. With the first three trophies held by Alfa Romeo with Nino Farina in 1950, Fangio in 1951 and Ferrari with Ascari in 1952 and 1953, Maserati always competed for the title that finally arrived. 1954.

maserati 250f
Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel of the 250F, a car that allowed Maserati to write an important page in the history of motorcycle sport

In fact, Fangio won the 1954 Drivers’ World Championship, a split between Maserati and incoming Mercedes-Benz. However, as there was no title builder at the time, Maserati shared the title with the German star. For the first “real” Maserati title, it would be necessary to wait until 1957With Juan Manuel Fangio The winner is his fifth and final driver as a driver. Maserati 250F.

Maserati abandonment of Motorsport in 1958 and return Driver

Unfortunately, the title Builder was only introduced in 1958, and for this reason Maserati would not be able to boast through any “Marche” title. However, in that year Homes in Distress from an Economic PerspectiveEnough to force Orsi to his post. Withdrawal from the competition In official form this season, not before the offer Maria Teresa de Filippis has a chance to become the first woman to qualify for the Grand PrixOn the streets of the Monaco Grand Prix.

After the final exploits, Maserati continued to be privately present with his 250F, disappearing from the Formula 1 circus only in 1960. Still under Orsi’s control, he arrived Final participation in Formula 1 World Championships as a machine supplier. Between 1966 and 1969 Maserati actually supplied God 3.0 V12 Stable English Cooper (Yes, MINI!), Get Win two – With John Surtees and Pedro Rodriguez.

Maserati’s return to racing in the early 1900s with MC12 and its return to FE in 2023

In those years Maserati focused on road cars, and in 1968 it changed hands to become a French company. Citron. Since then, Maserati has shut down all sports ambitions in one directory. From 1968 Maserati changed from Citroen to GEPIPublic companies for rescuing companies in crisis upon receipt by DetomasoIn the 20 years that followed, Maserati has lost its sporting pedigree. Homes fell into greater decline until the arrival of 1993 FIAT Company Before and in 1997 Of Ferrari Second. Under the rule of Maranello’s bitter former enemy, Maserati was Continued. And surprisingly, he returned to the race. The advantages are Maserati MC12Made on the basis of Ferrari Enzo involved in GT1 World Championship from 2004 to 2010, Dozens of wins, including third place at the tough 24-hour spa.

Maserati MC12

However, in 2010 the MC12 project was completed.And with it, Maserati’s motorcycle ambitions. At least until today: it was yesterday’s news Maserati has decided to return to the racing world in 2023 by entering the Formula E World Championship.. We still know very little about Maserati’s next incredible challenge. But we really can not wait to see how he is worth coming back to motorcycle racing. Maserati’s history teaches that every time he enters the field, he wins races and championships. Is it the same again this time for another great chapter in the history of troubled competition?

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