Fragment of an asteroid that extinguished dinosaurs found; understand

A new study shows that a small amount of stars that fell to Earth 66 million years ago can be found in the US. Scientists believe that the cataclysmic impact of rocks could cause the death of dinosaurs and change the course of life on Earth.

Remains of the star have been identified at archaeological sites in the Hell Creek Formation, in the state of North Dakota, and are still preserved. Many of the skeletons that have not been found on the spot are animals that died in the fall, such as fish that sucked up debris, turtles impaled with rocks and a branch that may have been a dinosaur.

According to data from CNN, the new research was published in the “Dinosaur Apocalypse” documentary, reported on PBS, and presented by naturalist David Attenborough and paleontologist Robert DePalma.

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DePalma, a researcher at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and a consultant in the geosciences department at Florida Atlantic University, has been working on the Tanis archaeological site for a long time. Based on his knowledge of geological conditions there, he said that the desert of the United States was barren after the asteroid crashed.

In Cretaceous times, the American Midwest was a swampy forest and many watersheds, which were lost. These areas ran all the way from the present Gulf of Mexico to Canada. With these findings, scientists would have little evidence of the end-time age of dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur leg fossil view of the site

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The school is also home to thousands of well-preserved fish bones that, according to DePalma, may have been buried alive by landslides when a major body of water occurred shortly after Giant stars fall into the sea.

“Evidence after evidence began to write and change the story. It was an advancement of information, like the exploration of Sherlock Holmes,” DePalma said. “This knowledge helps us understand what the product looks like after an impact, and it helps us to acquire such resources for scientific research.”

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Most of the impacted glass that first exposed the fingerprints of the impact of the star of DePalma has been preserved as clay due to millions of years of geological processes. However, DePalma and its partners also found some spherules that landed on the resin tree on the body and were stored in amber.

“In this amber we live a few spherules that really freeze in time, because like a line in amber that is perfectly stored, when the spherules get to In the amber, water does not get to them and they’re stored perfectly, “he said.

In addition, the scientist was fascinated by the special effects that have preserved the dinosaur legs, including the unhealthy skin, that has been found at Tanis site. The lame are thought to have joined Thescelosaurus, a small herbivorous dinosaur that would die on the same day an asteroid crashed the Earth. Preservation of tissues, such as skin, indicates that your body does not have time to decompose before being buried in the ground.

“The only two unfortunate incidents here are that he died in shock of the impact or he died immediately, but close to the time of the cataclysmic incident he did not have time to know. the result, “the expert explained.

Research has been done on the Tanis site and in North American areas where starbursts can provide information about this incident, what led to the death of dinosaurs and other activities. life in prehistoric and how the phenomenon occurred later. For DePalma, this information can help us think about the current weather situation.

“Fossil data gives us a window into the context of global threats and the reaction of the global ecosystem to the threat,” he explains. “It takes us to the past and also allows us to apply this to today’s ecological and environmental issues.”

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