Four Ethereum competitors have shown significant momentum and can rise to 30%, significant traders

As the leading cryptocurrency in the smart home ecosystem, Ethereum (ETH) has stepped up its quest for new information security (PoS) -As agreed to by its peers. tw PoS-born, has shown significant strength and can surprise ETH.

This is the position of a popular cryptocurrency analyst known in the market Altcoin Sherpa. According to it, smart contract platform Fantom (FTM), the algorithmic stabilitycoin blockchain Terra (LUNA) and decentralized application platform (DApp) Near Protocol (NEAR) is showing considerably bullish industry trends.

Analysts point out that they all hold above the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA) and thereforeUnlike ETH, an increase can be seen in the short term.

“FTM, LUNA, NEAR: Here are three cryptocurrencies that are holding a higher value than the 200D EMA and these are some of the coins that are still good. I still think it will take a little longer for the bottom macro to develop. , but we will see what happens. “


Altcoin Sherpa also added a Polygon (MATIC) scaling solution to its group of altcoins that looks stable and ready to stand.

“MATIC: Pretty good, still holding on to the 200D EMA and 4h EMAs, all looking pretty good. I think we see a lot of integration around here.”


Another altcoin of experts’ radar is The Graph (GRT) which, according to Alex Faliushin, CEO and founder of CoinLoan, is one of the top cryptocurrencies that has benefited from continued use. of the Web 3.0 protocol.

According to him, The Grap is a kind of ‘Blockchain Google’ and focuses on the future of retrieving and managing data through different blockchains. It is an indexing protocol designed to query networks like Ethereum by creating open APIs called subgraphs.

“The growth of Web3, as a theme and business that has begun to enter key contexts, will make it more profitable for long-term investments due to the use of fire. And using the real world will make it attractive for schools to buy and At CoinLoan, we are really fans of Web3 and its adoption and we can not wait to see what’s going on. in-store for the future of The Graph protocol, ”he said.


look at Bitcoin (BTC) The analyst said that the top cryptocurrency from the cap market also looks healthy and that another price hike could come soon.

“BTC: I think we are still doing well in the short term. The 4h EMAs look good and I think it is tight. Let’s see if this is actually lower than in 1D.


The same job is reported by Brazilian analyst Tasso Lake, president of private equity cryptocurrency and founder of Move Financial. He pointed out that although there has been no change in the last few days, we are still in a move towards the BTC price.

Lago points out that on the 4-hour chart, we see that the price has stopped right at the 200-hour EMA (orange line), very supportive. And now it is trying to come back above the 20-time EMA (red line), which combines with our current resistance.

“On the calendar, we are building a hammer right above the 20-time EMA, where the price is also holding, but we still have a 50-time EMA (black-blue). line) affects the price downwards so. attack. “, he said.

Therefore, according to him, although the situation is optimistic, we still have rumors of a war in Europe with the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, so now is the Time be a little careful and remember that the green land on the rectangle. is for medium and long term purchases.

It is always worth remembering the importance of risk management correctly, not putting all your investment in one business or in one cryptocurrency.

“Our main support is in the range of $ 40,000 and $ 42,000. Current resistance is around $ 42,600 dollars. Bearing in mind that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. market, this is just a technical assumption, “he pointed out.


About altcoins Lago focuses its analysis of three crypto assets: ETH, SLP and CHR. In the case of ETH it indicates that Ethereum is trying to develop OCOI (shoulder, head, back shoulder) which will be the reverse model of the calendar.

“BTC has already established its daily exchange rate. This means that in the next few days we will have a stronger BTC and ETH than any other exchange,” he said. said.

In the case of Chromia (CHR), he pointed out that there are other examples of how horizontal S / N is important, “We have the cost of the reaction exactly in the region area of ​​the impact horizontal support “, he pointed out.

On the other hand, SLP is narrow and tends to ensure the shape (“symmetrical” triangle), so, according to him, if SLP saves a lot of time, we can have a very good operation .

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