Fortaleza draw with São Paulo of Castelão and continue without a win in Serie A – Play

LUB Fortaleza draw 1-1 with São Paulo on Sunday night (8), at Castelão and reach the 4th game without winning in Brazilian Serie A. The Lions won their first title after the 5th round – 4th round’s Clássico-Rei was postponed – but still did not win and in the Z-4 ​​in 20th place.

The goal of the match was scored by Luciano, at 11 minutes of the 2nd half, to São Paulo, and at 23, Pikachu to Fortaleza.

The next match for Brasileirão will be against Botafogo, next Sunday (15), at 18:00, at Engenhão

São Paulo up to 8 points and in 6 places. São Paulo’s next Serie A game is against Cuiabá, also on Sunday, at Morumbi at 4pm.

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What is the game Fortaleza 1×1 São Paulo today

First time

The game started equally, with Fortaleza and São Paulo alternating attacks. The first attempt was made by the visiting team, at 5 minutes, in an Alisson post that Max Walef saved in the middle of goal. The Leão responded in 9 minutes, with a dangerous crossing of Lucas Lima that no one took advantage of.

The challenge is still equal, with the defense benefiting from the attack, always blocking the move move. Dangerous shots like Calleri, for São Paulo, and Pikachu, for Leão, were affected before reaching the end.

Fortaleza and São Paulo on the field from Castelão to Brazilian Serie A


In the end of the 1st half, Fortaleza got better, creating a good time due to a mistake in the ball out of São Paulo. Pikachu and Romero had a chance to score, but they did not score.


Fortaleza recovered well at the start of the 2nd half. Despite no change, Leão came back more and more and created a real challenge, such as in Juninho Capixaba head where Jandrei performed the miracle. But who opened the scoring was São Paulo, 11 minutes, on the move from Igor Gomes to Luciano to finish.

The goal was confirmed to make Fortaleza unsafe in the game, with Vojvoda team taking time to respond.
It was when, in the 23rd minute, Leão equalized in goal: Juninho Capixaba crossed and Pikachu sent for a corner from Jandrei.

After a goal equalizer, Fortaleza struggled, speeding up the game and trying to keep São Paulo. But even hanging around the opponent’s area, he was only in danger when injured with Hércules, which Jandrei defended.


Strength: Max Walef, Ceballos, Benevenuto, Titi, Felipe, Zé Welison, Lucas Lima, Juninho Capixaba, Yago Pikachu, Moisés and Romero.

Sao Paulo: Jandrei, Welinton, Diego Costa, Arboleda, Rafinha; Nestor, Igor Gomes, Anderson, Andrés, Alisson and Calleri.

TECHNICAL APPLICATION | Fortaleza vs Sao Paulo

  • Brazilian Championship – Serie A
  • Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
  • Date / Time: May 8, 2022 at 7 p.m.
  • Judge: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
  • Group: Kleber Lucio Gil (SC) and Éder Alexandre (SC)
  • VAR: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (RJ)

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