Fortaleza conquers Vitória in Barradão and is in the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil – Play

LUB The power is in rov 16 provided Brazil Cup. Thursday (12), the Tiger win the Vitória / IB ua 1a0in barradãoin Salvador, with the mission of Pikachu at 47 of the 2nd half.

Leão’s advantage was good, as they won 3-0 at Castelão first leg. Victory on Thursday night was the first time for Fortaleza to play outside Castelão this season.

LUB Tricolor de Aço is among the 16 best of competition and waiting to draw on CBF to know its next candidate. For Serie A, Leão will play again on Sunday (15), against Botafogo / RJ, at the Nilton Santos Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, at 6 p.m.

What is the game Vitória 0x1 Fortaleza

First time

Fortaleza won the first 15 minutes of the game. With a ball and a quick exit, Leão did not take long to establish the path, first in the head by Robson off. At another good moment, Matheus Vargas started the offensive line, but did not cross over to Robson.

After dominating the Tricolor, Vitória grew in the field and brought danger to the leonine target. In the 16th minute, Léo Gomes fired a free kick and Boeck deflected him from the bottom line.

In 20 minutes, during the best time of the home team, Roberto joins Benevenuto, the defender of Leão failed and Luidy sent for the first time.

Vitória continued better and fit for a good strike in 35 minutes, and Luidy got it at the entrance of the area and tried the angle, narrowly missing.

In the final half of the 1st half, at 41 minutes, Titi requested a free kick with Roberto, the referee told him to continue, he entered the area, but but try to touch Eduardo and can not cross.

Vitória and Fortaleza meet one another in Barradão on the Copa do Brasil

Felipe Cruz / Fortaleza EC


And the final stage with Fortaleza trying to get more out of the game, with Landázuri and Romarinho putting the risk on Vitória’s goal.

But after a good start, Leão succeeded and almost denied the goal. First, in 14 minutes, Roberto hit and Marcelo Boeck palmed. A minute later, Roberto tried again and hit the cross.

With Vojvoda’s changes, including Depietri, José Welison and Yago Pikachu, Fortaleza improved in the game, going on the attack with a faster pace, but making more mistakes in shots.

At the end of the game, Fortaleza, despite a combined 3 goals in the first game, sought victory. Hercules sent in at 41 and at 44, Yago Pikachu crossed the area and the athlete of the Bahia team palmed.

But in the 47th minute, Leão scored the winning goal: Robson played for Depietri, which helped Pikachu send the nets.


Vitória x Fortaleza
Brazil Cup
Location: Barradão Stadium, in Salvador (BA)
Date / Time: 05/12/2022, 19:00
Attorney: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva (MG)
Categories: Guilherme Dias Camilo (MG) and Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira (MG)

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Win: Lucas Arcanjo, Alemão Teixeira, Marco Antônio, Danilo Cardoso, Iury, João Pedro, Léo Gomes,
Eduardo, Daniel, Luidy and Roberto. Coach: Fabiano Soares

Strength:Marcelo Boeck, Marcelo Benevenuto, Landázuri, Titi, Lucas Crispim, Ronald, Matheus Jussa,
Juninho Capixaba, Romarinho, Matheus Vargas and Robson. Coach: Juan Pablo Vojvoda

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