Former Presidents have called on the United States to pledge $ 5 billion to Covid World Service

Health officials around the world are increasingly concerned about the so-called “Covid Weakness,” as world leaders are embroiled in violence such as war. in Ukraine, or turn to other health concerns.

“Most donors say, ‘Oh, we want to come back, you know, however, because they like money like maternal and child health, HIV, TB, whatever. However, they are said to be in poor health. Covid, “said Fifa A. Rahman, an expert on the ACT-Accelerator, a global advocacy group led by the WHO. the answers.

The meeting was followed by one of Mr. Biden met in September; it will use the fundraiser to ask the rich to support their financial support for immunization, diagnosis and treatment. In particular, it will call on developing countries to donate $ 2 billion to buy Covid health care and $ 1 billion to buy oxygen equipment for low- and middle-income countries, according to senior leaders involved. with planning.

The United States, in partnership with international organizations, has provided more vaccines than any other country for international immunization use. Mr. Biden has pledged 1.2 billion doses to other countries; As of Monday, more than 539 million had been shipped, according to the State Administration. But countries receiving the vaccine have struggled to get the vaccine into the arm.

Protesters and advocacy groups have been patient. Organizations include public, non-profit consumer health and safety; Prep4All, AIDS Support Group; and Health GAP, an international health advocacy group based in Uganda, is announcing a petition that has angered the U.S. government – albeit Mr.

The application urges the president to “follow up on renewal” and address specific needs, including working with international organizations and donor countries. ” spend $ 48 billion this year to get a global response “and push drug users to share their intellectual property and knowledge, not only for vaccines but also for Covid vaccine, which is abundant in the United States, but not widely available in low- and middle-income countries.

Asia Russell, director of GAP Health, said in an interview, “What we know from the global AIDS response is that many years ago it was devastating. “People are losing their lives. President Biden and his leaders, Covid, have the power to change history.”

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