Following Grêmio’s complaint, Cruzeiro also makes STJD on homophobic chants by tricolor fans | ride a boat

At the end of Tuesday afternoon, Cruzeiro was referred to the Attorney General of the High Court of Justice (STJD) a Notice of homophobic chants by Grêmio fans during Sunday’s match. The letter was sent the next day Grêmio causes STJD to scream from the Celestial tribe, of Independência.

The details of Cruzeiro’s complaint were provided by journalist Samuel Venâncio. LUB ua ge sure. The club gaucho sent a complaint requesting punishment for homophobic chants, in order to banish this type of behavior.

In a statement, Grêmio said he was waiting for punishment for the workers. Cruzeiro also condemned the behavior of the fans and, like the candidate, communicated to the STJD denouncing Grêmio fans, for the same behavior.

Cruzeiro fans during the game against Grêmio – Photos: Staff photos

“Bora de Brasileirão! The greatest advertisement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

The videos are broadcast on social media part of the tricolor tribe refers to the crowd ride a boat from bad names and homophobic nicknames. The mining company has sent a Report of Abuse on account of these actions and is awaiting review by the STJD.

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The film shows Grêmio fans singing homophobic chants in a game against Cruzeiro – Photos: Social Media

In addition to Cruzeiro, the base of the sponsors LGBTQ + canarieswhich brings together representatives of 20 LGBTQIA + supporters, also sent a letter to the STJD against terrorism in Independênciaof them prejudiced shouts of fans of the tricolor.

According to the group’s founder, Yuri Senna, in contact with the ua ge, the illegal warning about the shouting of Cruzeiro fans, as Grêmio has already made the complaint. Cruzeiro, until then, had not sent his letter.

“Our goal is that the body always be honest and follow the STJD personal decision of lgbtphobic acts in the stadium. But, more than punishment, we want the body and organizations follow prevention and training, to a lesser extent we must. correct the error. “

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It is worth noting that transphobia and homophobia are considered crimes in Brazil and are classified as criminal offenses as defined in Law – Rule 7,716 / 1989. The lawyer for this game, Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (Fifa), did not register for the skeptical view of the score sheetalthough it has been approved by the High Court of Justice.

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5 Star Member – Cruzeiro – Photos: Announcement

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