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Anyone who has not been vaccinated in 2021 can be vaccinated
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Anyone who has not been vaccinated in 2021 can be vaccinated

At the end of 2021, when the emergence of a new Ômicron exchange of Covid-19s, the Brazilian population will have to deal with another problem: the unusual flu in the summer, which causes for emergency flu clinics.

Following the launch of the flu vaccine in 2022, however, recent vaccinations have left Brazilians unsure about whether to go to the hospital or not. The answer is simple, according to Dr. Marcelo Daher, member of the Brazilian Immunization Society (SBI) in Goiás.

“You can and should take it again. People need to understand that the flu vaccine is not every year, it is given for a season. People who took it in October February, January, received the production in 2021. We are already in 2022., new vaccines have arrived, updated with new viruses, so you have to do it again, instructions.

The expert clarifies that, annually, the World Health Organization (WHO) outlines the requirements for vaccines.

“All the world collects data in the year and sends it to the WHO, which makes a consensus on what kind of disease for the next year should be. 2022 is up to date with the diseases that have been spreading in that period, as happened at the end of last year – but it includes this year’s vaccine. “

With the arrival of winter, the expectation of experts is that flu cases are rising rapidly in the country. According to data from the Department of Health, from January to March, more than 5,000 patients were confirmed by the test, the highest number ever. Year 2021.

“This is the time of vaccination. We are entering the winter, it is already cold in some areas, the air is dry and the disease is spreading with more effort. More vaccines are needed. Those who were vaccinated in December will have increased immunity in relation to who caught him last year, “said the infectologist.

Influenza can exacerbate the disease and lead to other diseases, such as pneumonia, which from January to August 2021, cause more than 3,000 deaths after bedtime. in a national hospital.


Influenza vaccination runs until July 22, but the low compliance rate is making doctors worried. Until now, of all adults, only 30% have been vaccinated. Dr. Ana Rosa dos Santos, vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations-DF and director of immunization at Grupo Sabin lists some of the reasons.

“The low demand has a lot to do with people being scared to go to a private clinic or clinic. Every vaccine has a very low cost, and that is because of the fear of infecting the coronavirus. Tab but we also see a lot of people giving unreliable information .. we have lost the immunization system in the country with the immunity of the vaccine, and the participants and have been passionate about the vaccine. vaccine always “, he observed.

“Brazilians love vaccinations, but the conversation has spread so much. I believe the complaints we are still looking at could lead to fears and misinformation,” he said. concludes.

According to a Health Report from the Department of Health (SUS), the vaccine will take up to 14 days to prevent the spread of H1N1, H3N2, and Influenza B viruses. victoria) and Influenza B (Yamagata), in addition to H3N2, are known to cause infections. . Recently registered in Brazil.


In addition to SUS, vaccines are also being used in laboratories and pharmacies for people who are not part of the board, but want to be vaccinated, but Care should be taken with the instructions.

The publication was posted on the internet where the official profile of Drogasil pharmacy chains advised consumers to wait until the end of the year to receive the new dose – which is not, as we have show.

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