Flash’s Ezra Miller says he made a prison movie for sale like NFT

Ezra Miller

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The conflicts with Ezra Miller do not stop! After being arrested twice in less than a month in Hawaii on charges of terrorism and vandalism, the star of “The Flash” is now that he had filmed the abuse he suffered, including arrests, selling products according to NFT. The photos were taken by a police body camera, according to information released by the website. TMZ.

“I was attacked and started making movies. Let me share your video. I was hit in this bar, twice together. I made the video for myself when I was harassed by NFT cryptographic art, ”he said in the video the police received from TMZ.

In the photos, it can be seen that Miller did not understand why he was arrested, and police explained that it was for “misconduct”. “Am I arrested for corruption? I was attacked “, asked the artist.

After his arrest, Ezra tried to explain the phenomenon of the Hawaii bar as a way to highlight his actions. “The man at the bar declared himself Nazi. I had him imprisoned and he attacked me,” he said.

Finally, the actor appealed for his right to amend, in an attempt to avoid arrest: “I request my 9th amendment to avoid prosecution for criminal offenses without have a name. Morality means something I do not do wrong, “he said. View:

In the police body camera video, Miller can still be seen shouting and asking questions about the police officer and the sign. as TMZ, one of the defendants told police that Ezra attacked him, “washing in his face and freaking out.” The video also shows Miller allegedly playing darts and “establishing his own business” when the actor appears and spat on him.

A woman responsible for a film, like asking for Ezra Miller to be quiet. At the end of the video, the actor begins to apologize to the police, asking him to be patient. At one point, it looked like he had a toy gun. The film concludes with Miller asking them to take special care with the Flash ring, saying that the product “means a lot to me.” Following the incident, Ezra Miller was fined $ 500 and released.

History of Ezra Miller

In a short time, Ezra Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii. First, on the conviction of sexual misconduct and harassment, and second, on second offenses.

With that, many netizens are starting to think about the potential removal of an actor like The Flash, with recent rumors even suggesting that he could be replaced by Dylan O’Brien. , by “Teen Wolf”.

However, it looks like Warner Bros. do not grieve much about the inconsistency of the actor. This is because, accordingly Adam B. Vary, by Many thingsThe company decided not to shoot Ezra Miller like The Flash, despite all the issues surrounding the actor.

journalist Umberto Gonzalez, by The wrap, also acknowledged that the performer should not be excluded from DCEU. In addition, website comic files Acknowledged Adam’s line while announcing that the studio had confirmed that this rumored change was untrue, including emergency meetings to determine Ezra’s future would be held. , with the idea of ​​putting it on the stand. “refrigerator” for the next few years.

“I told the WB it was * not * decided to replace Ezra Miller on THE FLASH,” writes Adam B. Vary, without telling his whereabouts. He added in the second tweet: “It is worth noting that THE FLASH completed last month, and Ezra Miller played many of Barry Allen. Changing them would well mean doing the whole movie, ”he explains.

Still According to Hawaii Assistant Police Chief Kenneth Quiocho, the actor is responsible for ten calls to police in Hilo, Hawaii, between March 7 and April 19, second was arrested.

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