Flamengo overcomes negative and personal goals, signs with Talleres and sends them to a place in Libertadores

personal purpose, new lost due to physical problems and twice later on the scoreboard. LUB Flamengo will have to sweat to score against Talleres, this Wednesday, for the fourth round of Group H between the Libertadores. The game was played in Córdoba and ended in a 2-2 draw, with Arrascaeta – in the draw – and Pedro scoring for Rubro-Negro. Arão played against his own love, while Michael Santos was responsible for the second ball on Matadores’ net.

With the tie tied, the Fla leader reached ten points in their group and has yet to prove themselves in the round of 16 – which will come in the case of a win. But space is on the way. Talleres up to seven points, in second place.

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In goal not to be missed by Michael Santos, the first great player of the game by Talleres, who explored a lot of balls under Flamengo’s defense, Developed by Pablo and David Luiz for the first time. And not much time to see the duo in action, as Pablo felt the muscles feel uncomfortable (in the thigh) and left with 12 minutes. Thus, Arão returns to the defense, Andreas enters, and nightmares in the first phase begin there.

Flamengo, who still lacks confidence as commanded by Paulo Sousa, has left weak with unforeseen changes. Santos had to make pretty saves to postpone the goal at home for the first time, in the missing season from Catalán, with a header (again!). And it did not take long for the red-and-black defender to hit his head again: in the “dead” throw, Arão cut the ball across from his target. Bizarre counter goal – another in these Libertadores.

NO FLA kicks in 1st

Bewildered, not too itchy and stretched backs, Flamengo even went into the net before the break, but Gabi was offside after a ball raised by Everton Ribeiro, out of action in the build-up and one. of the audience was there. poor performance in construction. There is no posting, I give you advice.

Talleres vs Flamengo

Arrascaeta scores well on external goals (DIEGO LIMA / AFP)


And, see, Flamengo first goal-scoring goal. From the edge of the area, still at 4 ‘, Arrascaeta finds himself free to make a difference: he fires a rocket at the angle of an athlete Herrera. The ace should appear to light (or test) the path of the group falling from the field.


In the new Santos-Santos clash, Michael, a Uruguayan from Talleres, performed better. Minutes after the Fla tie, the Argentines took advantage of the weakness at the entrance of the red-black zone, dozed defense, including Isla, who lost time offside offside (the match was modified). , but because there is no VAR at this stage …), and the subtle touch debunked the goalkeeper.

PEDRO rescues FLA from DEFEAT

The team started to support the exchange, Flamengo could not bother, but, on the basis of a smother and already with Pedro on the field, they came back to equalize the score. Gabi leaves the area and finds shirt 21, who digs well to make it 2×2. Lázaro still tried from the outside, Santos, on the back, had to work, but the score remained level until the final whistle.


Flamengo, now, returns to the field for the classic. And it will be for the Brazilian Championship. More facts, for the fifth time, against Botafogo, in Brasiliaat 11 a.m. this Sunday.

Talleres-ARG 2×2 Flamengo – 4th round of Libertadores Group H
Date and time:
05/04/2022, 19:00 (TSİ)
Local: Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba (ARG)
Referee: Eber Aquino (PAR)
Supporters: Milcides Saldivar (PAR) and Roberto Cañete (PAR)
Lawn: good
Yellow cards: Matías Godoy, Girotti and Matías Esquivel
(TAL) / João Gomes, David Luiz and Andreas Pereira (FLA)
Red card:

Purpose: Willian Arão (out), 33 ‘/ 1st (1-0); Arrascaeta, 4 ‘/ 2ºT (1-1); Michael Santos, 11 ‘/ 2nd (2-1); Pedro Hwv, 23 ‘/ 2nd (2-2)

Talleres-ARG (Instructor: Pedro Caixinha)
Herrera; Benavídez, Catalán, Rafael Pérez, Enzo Díaz; Méndez (Juarez, 30 ‘/ 2nd), Villagra; Matías Godoy (Ramiro González, 30 ‘/ 2ºT), Michael Santos (Matías Esquivel, 30’ / 2ºT), Fértoli (Angelo Martino, 21 ‘/ 2ºT); Girotti.

Flamengo (Instructor: Paulo Sousa)
Saints; Pablo (Andreas Pereira, 12 ‘/ 1st), David Luiz and Filipe Luis (Rodinei, 33’ / 2nd); Isla, Willian Arão, João Gomes (Pedro, 21 ‘/ 2nd), Arrascaeta, Everton Ribeiro (Lázaro, 21’ / 2nd) and Bruno Henrique (Victor Hugo, 33 ‘/ 2nd); Gabigol.


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