Flamengo draw with Talleres and close to the space

Flamengo have been behind the scorer twice, but found a 2-2 draw with Talleres, tonight (4), in Argentina, in a qualifying match for the fourth tier of the Copa Libertadores group. Rubro-Negro goals were scored by Arrascaeta and Pedro, both in the second half. Willian Arão (attacker) and Michael Santos play for the owners.

With the result, Flamengo can guarantee the right to a cup out tonight, if Universidad Católica-CHI does not win Sporting Crystal-PER, In the competition that starts at 23:00 (Brasília time). The team from Rio de Janeiro led Group H with 10 points, followed by Talleres (seven), Universidad Católica (third) and Sporting Cristal (zero).

Next Sunday, Fla will turn their face to the Brazilian Championship and face off against Botafogo, at 11 a.m., at the Mané Garrincha Stadium, in Brasília.

Flamengo live

Who succeeds: Arrascaeta tries to lead the team

Although overseen by the men of Talleres, Arrascaeta was responsible for some of the Rubro-Negro conquest. With quick thinking and deep thought, the Uruguayan tried to lead the team to the offensive, but it did not have a competitive company in Cordoba. Still, he scored Fla’s first goal in Argentina, a picture from outside the box. Pedro, the score goal equalizer, is another worth mentioning.

Who made a mistake: Isla left the place

The Chilean Isla again made a mistake in signing and his side were another good option for Talleres, including in the race for the second goal of the home team. On the defensive line, the player took up space, and in one of the moves Arão’s own goal came out. When he broke out as a winger, he was a bit of a danger and caused a stir when he managed to team up with Everton Ribeiro, another player who played very poorly. Willian Arão also had some setbacks, including his goals.

Gabigol and Pedro together? It works!

Pedro entered the field in the 22nd minute of the second half, with Flamengo losing 2-1. In the 23rd minute, the game was tied, with a goal from the striker himself. On the move, Gabigol made room for his companion to enter.

Legal job?

The goal scored by Michael Santos, second to Talleres, was the reason for the controversy. Protesters do not believe. According to the group Libertadores level without the assistance of VAR, the site mark is recognized.

Safety! Santos now

Athlete selected by Paulo Sousa to play in world football, the Santos athlete agrees to invest in his venture. The 20’s weren’t used very often, but it was getting really hard on the head by Catalan Matías and safe at any time. In the second goal of Talleres, he kicked and returned the free-kick to the owners.

Flamengo theater

Flamengo, once again, saw major defense issues and provided more space for Talleres, especially in the Isla sector. In the first half, he practiced nil in combat. However, in the second half, Rubro-Negro proved to be back in the game on two occasions. The star-studded cast makes her feel, and Paulo Sousa team returns with a point in their luggage.

Talleres Games

The Argentines took good space from Flamengo and bet a lot on the game on both sides of the field. Defensively, Talleres suffered to hold Flamengo offensively and conceded a double draw.


In the 11th minute of the first half, defender Pablo felt pain in the back of his left thigh, leaving the field and being replaced by Andreas Pereira. It will be re-evaluated at Vulture’s Nest.


In the 33rd minute of the first half, Arão tried to cut the cross and scored against him. Flamengo found the equalizer in goal from outside the Arrascaeta area, at 4 minutes from half time.

Talleres returned to the front of the score with Michael Santos, at 11 on the final stage. Pedro, in his first match, equalized again in 23 minutes.

peace of mind

The camaraderie that marked the relationship between the fans and the team continued before the ball rolled. President Rodolfo Landim visited Talleres’ CT and exchanged gifts with a representative of the Cordoba club.


Date: April 4, 2022, Wednesday
Schedule: 7 pm (from Brasilia)
Competition: Copa Libertadores – Fourth round of Group H
Local: Mario Kempes Stadium in Cordoba (ARG)
Referee: Eber Aquino (PAR)
Supporters: Milciades Saldívar (PAR) and Roberto Cañete (PAR)
purpose: Willian Arão (offensively), in the 33rd minute of the first half, and Michael Santos, in the 11th of the second half (TAL); Arrascaeta, at 4 minutes of the second half (FLA), and Pedro, at 23 minutes of the second half
Yellow cards: Godoy, Girotti and Matías Esquivel (TAL); João Gomes and David Luiz (FLA)

TALLERES: Herrera; kind, Matthias CatalanPérez and Diaz; villagra, Mendez (Juárez), fertoli (Martino) and God (Ramiro Gonzalez); Michael Santos (Matthias Esquivel) and Girotti. Physician: Pedro Caixinha

FLAMENGO: Saints; Pablo (Andreas Pereira), David Luiz and Filipe Luís (Rodinei); Isla, João Gomes (Pedro), Willian Arão, Everton Ribeiro (Lázaro) and Arrascaeta; Bruno Henrique (Victor Hugo) and Gabigol. Physician: Paulo Sau

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