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Flamengo leaves before Minas at the end of the Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB). Host of the tournament this Thursday, Rubro-Negro defeated the winner of the Tijuca Tênis Clube, in Rio, and won from 76 to 67, breaking a section of three defeats for the miners in the ride now. The next two games of the best of the five series will be at Arena Minas, in Belo Horizonte. Sunday the tournament takes place at 19:30.

Olivinha’s vocal test for Flamengo – Photo: Paula Reis / Flamengo

With 17 points scored, Alexey, from Minas, was the night scorer. He scored two points higher than Martinez, Flamengo the highest score, with 15, the same score as Johnson Sr. Other players with significant participation in the game are: JP Batista (12 points), Yago (11) and Olivinha (11).

Flamengo started better, opening 5-0 in just one minute. Of the two, Rafael Rachel kicked for three points and made it 8 to 2. Two minutes later it was Mineiro turn to hit the ball three times and continue to 14 to 4. Led by Alexey, Minas Repeatedly, however, out of seven, JP Batista fouled and exchanged two free interceptions, scoring 17 to 9. Managing results, Rubro-Negro achieved four wins to win. from 22 to 12.

With baskets from Maique and Gui Santos, Minas cut the gap to six points at the start of the second quarter – 22 to 16. Flamengo only got up after three minutes, when Olivinha scored and was fouled. According to the veteran convertible throw, the score was 25 to 18. Out of five, Faverani kicked out three and scored 33 to 20. Minas heard the machine and started there. management. Better for Rubro-Negro, who held the advantage until the close of the first half with a half win from 39 to 26.

JP Batista meets Minas’s character – Photo: Paula Reis / Flamengo

Martinez opened the scoring in the third quarter with three goals for Flamengo. The miners respond with baskets from Johnson Sr. and Gui Santos. In the third minute, JP Batista scored 44 to 32 in entry. Two minutes later, it was Faverani turning to dunk with force after Olivinha assisted: 48 to 37. Betting on three-pointers, Minas continued to find the back of the net, but, at seven, Faverani scored again, scores 48 to 37. The golden key, Dar Tucker scores at the end of the fourth, closing part of 55 to 44.

Playing them all or nothing in the tournament, Minas opened the scoring in the final quarter with three points from Renan. In the second minute, it was Alexey turning 57 to 49. Flamengo never shaken, and, among us, Martinez hit three balls, making it 60 to 51. But the miners continued, so much so. , of four, Johnson Sr reduced to 60 to 55. Pushed by his fans, Rubro-Negro came back to force himself and made 63 to 55 with Yago, at six minutes. Since then, the Carioca team has not allowed the opponent to touch the score anymore, winning the match 76-67.

Flamengo players vibrate with victory Minas – Photo: Paula Reis / Flamengo

Flamengo: Yago, Mineiro, JP Batista, Rafael Rachel and Martinez. Enter: Olivinha, Balbi, Robinson, Faverani and Dar Tucker. Instructor: Gustavo de Conti.

Minas: Alexey, Gui Santos, Miller, Johnson Sr. and Renan. Enter: Gui Deodato, Maique, J. Prado, Corvalán and Queirós. Coach: Leo Costa.

12/5 (Thursday) – 20h – Flamengo 76 x 67 Minas | Tijuca
15/5 (Sunday) – 19:30 – Minas x Flamengo | Arena Minas
17/5 (Tuesday) – 20h – Minas x Flamengo | Arena Minas

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